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Bulgarian Cheese

Here we take a look at the most popular traditional Bulgarian cheese, and their uses.


Bulgarian Kashkaval Cheese

Kashkaval is Bulgaria's popular yellow, semihard cheese produced from sheep's milk that may be hot or bland. It really is ideal for grating, cooking and melting, and is much like Italian pecorino or Greek kasseri, but could variously taste like provolone and even pungent blue cheese (without any suggestion of mould).

Bulgarian Brinza Cheese

Brinza is another popular cheese in Bulgaria. It really is great in salads or melted.

Bulgarian Sirene or Feta Cheese

Sirene is believed to have originated in the Trakia area in southern Bulgaria. It is the most popular cheese in Bulgaria and used in salads, and many recipes including banitsa, stuffed peppers and baked dishes.

Bulgarian Yogurt

Bulgarian yogurt is celebrated for its health benefits. Known as kiselo mliako (literally meaning off milk), this special variety of yogurt is made by the lactobacterium bulgaricum bacteria, one that grows nowhere else on the planet, which is why some say it is the besttasting yogurt on the planet.

Bulgarian cheese dominates the diet and is eaten on a daily basis with most meals.