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Best Wood for Smoking Turkey | A Christmas Culinary Delight

The best wood for smoking turkey is without a doubt a choice between apple and cherry. These two hardwoods are perfect for flavouring your Christmas turkey. But why would you want to go to the trouble of smoking the turkey?


As most of us know, it's always been the tradition during the festive season to buy the biggest turkey you can find, put it in the oven and cook it for hours and hours. We then have it for so long that it almost becomes part of the family, mainly due to the fact that we see it every day for at least until early January. Don't get me wrong, it's how we like it now and have done since time began. This year though, wouldn't it be nice to try something else that will make your turkey taste better than you could have ever imagined?
What you will need

Most of us do not own a smoker you may be thinking that you won't be able to do this, however, there's another way – you can use your conventional oven! First of all though, let's take a look at what you will need: A good quality turkey is the first and most obvious item that you will need.
Choose your best wood for smoking turkey, for example, chips of apple, cherry or whatever you would like to use. They should be very wet soaked in water for maximum success.

When you are ready to start you need to drain the water from the wood chips but keep some of the water in a container for now.
Switch your oven on and heat to around 120 degrees C. Using a metal tray or other shallow container such as a baking tray, pour on some of the wood chips and place them at the bottom of the heated oven. You can line this with baking foil to prevent staining of the tray. Cover the bottom of the tray with one layer of chips only, layering will create a lot of smoke and you really don't want this in your kitchen.
As near as possible to the centre of the oven and above the tray of wood chips, place a baking rack. This will allow for the smoke to surround the turkey evenly.

It's now time to put the turkey in the oven, but before this it's highly recommended that you make a cover or tent like roof over the turkey. This will ensure that the smoke that rises will remain around the meat and therefore make the smoked flavor more intense.

Now you can cook smoke the turkey. The cooking time should be very slow so keep the oven at the low temperature of 120 degrees C. Depending on the weight of your turkey you should cook/smoke it for at least 4 hours, 6 is even better. During this time you will probably notice that some or all of the wood chips are beginning to dry out and not producing enough smoke. To prevent this just poor in some of the chip water that you drained of at the initial stage.

Check to make sure the turkey is cooked using your preferred method, a meat thermometer is recommended. When it's cooked remove from the oven and enjoy your smoked turkey.
By using the very best wood for smoking turkey, you can also use this as an easy way to smoke any other meats at home.