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Boyar Reserve Merlot

Company Profile
Domaine Boyar was founded in 1991 and quickly established a leading presence in the major European wine markets. In 2000, the company merged with Vinprom Rousse and acquired as a major shareholder, the Seaboard Corporation of Kansas. Following the merger the group changed its name to Boyar Estates. Boyar Estates is the leading producer and supplier of Bulgarian wine, including the Blueridge and Domaine Boyar brands. Boyar Estates is committed to taking Bulgarian wines forward successfully in the 21st century.

The Wine
Grown in the Elenovo vineyard on the Thracian Plain, this palatable wine is made from the Merlot variety of grape, which gives the wine its distinct, fruity taste, which has been aged in French and American oak casks to develop the soft, distinctive taste of plums and blackcurrants. It is well recommended as an “introduction wine” for its softness and its versatility in that it is a wine that can be drunk with a wide variety of foods or indeed on its own.

It combines the taste of a genuine classic, medium bodied red wine and being made from the Merlot grape, it is not overly tannic. It leaves both a rich, fruity and pleasant herbal after taste of a full flavored, well-structured red wine. You can quaff this wine with virtually any dish, but it lends itself particularly well to roasted chicken and casseroles.

This wine has been highly rated by many leading magazines and at 5.99 lv for a 75cl bottle who could argue with that?
When you sit down and indulge yourself with this delightful red, remember that research has proven the genuine benefits of red wine. One to two glasses per day can protect against certain cancers and heart disease, as well as reducing cholesterol levels and blood pressure.