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No Man's Land GOLD Rosé 2007

Damianitza Winery sets a high standard in wine production, incorporating age-old Bulgarian winemaking traditions and techniques, while preserving the environment. It is amongst the top 5 main players in the Bulgarian market and works with domestic grape varieties to create unique wines that appeal to the adventurous and cosmopolitan.

The winery, located in the picturesque Struma River Valley was founded in 1940 and now has a bottling capacity of 2,000,000 bottles.

One of its leading brands, No Man’s Land was aptly named after the five-mile strip of borderland, which previously separated the worlds of Socialism and Capitalism.


Filip Harmandjiev, Damianitza’s owner, decided on the No Man’s land brand name after showing the area to some British journalists. One sighed “Ah, No Man’s Land! This would make a great brand” and Filip filed to have the trademark registered the following day.

The Wine
This a classical dry rosé made from an equal combination of Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon grapes. The production of this fine wine shows the care and attention the winery place on the creation of this strong fruity wine. The grapes are harvested at the end of September and are then pounded for seven solid hours at 14 degrees centigrade. The resulting juice is then drawn off and left to settle at 10 degrees centigrade for two days.


The resulting clear juice is decanted and fermented for a further three weeks at 15 to16 degrees and then transferred to stainless steel tanks with extra yeast for three months. The outcome is an elegant and fruity wine with vivid colour and a balanced taste with a harmonious, full-bodied character and long aftertaste.

This is a palatable wine with a rich aroma and bouquet of wild strawberries, pears and cherries spiced with fragrant herbs. The taste is mild and fruity with a characteristic freshness and a lasting finish leaving a favourable impression with its untraditionally rich range of tastes and aromas.

It lends itself well to dishes such as cheese, lamb, seafood and sweets. This is an exceptionally well-priced brand of quality wine, which would impress any host or dinner guests and at a retail price of 14.99 lv. a bottle

Pictures and information courtesy of Damianitza Winery: