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Panagurishte Poached Eggs

The town after which this dish is named is Panagurishte (pronounced pan-a-gyoor-ish-te), and if you wanted to order this dish in a restaurant or bar then you would ask for ‘yaitsa po panagyuski’, but to be honest, it could possibly take longer to learn the correct pronunciation as it would to prepare the actual dish!

Whilst extremely quick and easy to prepare, don't be put off, this traditional Bulgarian dish is absolutely delicious and makes perfect use of the wonderful free-range eggs available here.



Serves 4
8 eggs
4 soup spoons of butter
600 g of natural yoghurt (Bulgarian if possible!)
5 or 6 cloves of garlic
5 soup spoons of vinegar
2 teaspoons of paprika
One third of a teaspoon of chilli powder
Freshly chopped dill

Crush the garlic and mix this together with the yoghurt and half a coffee cup of salt.

Bring a full pan of water to the boil (with salt and the vinegar). Break the eggs one by one into a bowl, then poach them in the simmering water.

After three minutes of cooking, remove the eggs. In a serving bowl, place the yoghurt and then the eggs on top.

Heat the butter, add paprika and the chilli powder. Mix together for a few seconds and remove from the heat. Drizzle over the poached eggs.

Sprinkle with freshly chopped dill and serve with a dry white wine and fresh crusty bread for a delicious and quick meal.

Bon appetit!