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Blueridge Chardonnay

This wine displays an intense golden-green colour with the living freshness of exotic fruits – grapefruit, pineapple and kiwi combined with a touch of delicate and noble oak. This is a wine with an elegant start, pleasing, gentle freshness and a soft finish. Its aftertaste leaves a refined and memorable impression.

Blueridge Chardonnay is best served at between 9 and 13 degrees, depending on the food and the season. Its crisp, refreshing taste blends well with buttery soft cheeses, pasta, fish, foie gras, white meats and light game dishes. It also holds its own as a party drink particularly on a summer’s evening. This is truly a white wine which will not disappoint and at about 14 lv. a bottle you will not be disappointed.



The Grape

The Chardonnay grape has a green skin and is believed to have come from the Burgundy wine region in France. It is a neutral grape whose many flavours are often associated with tropical fruit flavors. Chardonnay is renowned for its ease of cultivation and is able to adapt to many different soil conditions. It is a malleable grape that grows on a strong vine, with widespread leaf cover which can stall the nutrient and energy uptake of its grape bunches. Most vineyards balance this with some rigorous pruning. Chardonnay is a vine which buds very early and harvesting its grapes is extremely important because the grape quickly loses its acidity as soon as it is ripe.


The Winery

Blueridge is part of the Domaine Boyar group of wineries.Its mission is to make premium wines that appeal to cosmopolitan wine drinkers while reviving a venerable legacy of wine making in Bulgaria. It is the leading Eastern European producer of quality wines for western markets particularly UK, Benelux, Canada, Scandinavia and Germany with sales of 8.8 million bottles in 2007.

The Blueridge winery was constructed in 1999 and has a total crushing capacity of some 3,000 tonnes per day. It is located in Sliven, one of the prime white and red grape growing regions in Bulgaria. The Blueridge winery is a unique asset in Europe. The combination of its scale, Australian design and modern technology, give it an unrivalled potential for the production of new world quality wines.

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