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Wines for Celebrations

There are always some wines and rakia in Bulgaria which are perfectly matched to a special occasion. Quest Bulgaria recommends reds, whites and a special rakia, which will make your celebration unique.

Bulgarian Reds:

Excellent high quality low priced Cabernet Sauvignon and really good Merlot. Bulgaria is quite righly most famed for its red wines.

Here is the pick of our favourites :

Chateau Slavyantsi Merlot 2002 Special Reserve
This Merlot is a prime example of what the variety can really produce and what it should be like. Dark red in colour, solid ripe fruit aromas. Full bodied with a long finish! Already six years old, with unbelievable depth.

Domaine Boyar Reserve Merlot 2000
Rich with red berry tones in aroma. We reckon this is really good. On the palate it's smooth with fruit and spice to make a full flavoured red wine.

Domaine Boyar Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon 2000
Gorgeous aroma of wild berries. Full bodied, rich and smooth flavours. Excellent with red meats and game.

Bulgarian Whites:

The Bulgarian whites, although not so well recognised, are improving no end and catching up the reds.

Our special choice includes:

Muscat 2003 Chateau Slavyantsi Special Reserve
A very high quality dry white wine from the Slavyantsi region. Lovely bright straw colour. Refreshing taste.

Blue Ridge 2003 Chardonnay
From the Sliven region this is a crisp white wine with a blend of citrus flavours. Very nice on its own for aperitif.

Chateau Slavyantsi Chardonnay 2003 Special Reserve
A truly fabulous wine. If you’re fed up with Chardonnay, then try this. The base of the wine is fruit rather than oak. A long and pleasant finish.


Our own personal preference when you can find it.

Peshterska Muskatova Rakia
This is a Gold Medal winner. Crystal clear with a powerful aroma. A premium rakia!