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Black Sea Gold Muscat P 2000

If you are a lover of white wine, then a bottle of Black Sea Gold's Muscat P is worth adding to your wine cellar. Produced in the famous wine growing region of Pomorie, it is rapidly becoming one of the most popular Muscat Ottonel wines in the country.

The Winery

Pomorie is a renowned wine-producing region located on the southeastern Black Sea coast and for the local inhabitants here vine growing and wine production are the main source of income. The Black Sea Gold Winery has continued the wine producing skills passed down through the ages harnessing them with contemporary technology and advances in the scientific field of viticulture - the result is a varied stable of quality wines.

Black Sea Gold AD came into operation in 1932 and now owns four sites in the Pomorie area. The Bulgarian state still own 5% of the company, but the other 95% is in private hands. Winery produces an equal number of red and white wines ranging from quality dry white wines like Dimiat, Ugni Blanc, Muscat and Chardonnay to superior reds like Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon.
Black Sea Gold don’t grow any of their own vines, they purchase between 20 and 30 thousand tons a year from local growers and concentrate on the producing and bottling the wines classic to this region and with three bottling lines they produce 30 million bottles each year. However it is not the Bulgarians who get to drink this vast quantity of wine; more than 80% is exported to Western European and countries belonging to the former Soviet Union As well as Israel and Japan.

The Grape

Muscat grapes are grown extensively across the world either for wine production or as table grapes or raisins. There are several different varieties of this grape and it is believed to be the oldest cultivated grape variety. There is a great difference in the grape’s colour - from white to almost black - according to the region it is grown in. It is a grape with a sweet, flowery fragrance. One great benefit of Muscat grapes is that they have high concentrations of the antioxidant flavonoids just like many red grapes and this means that the beneficial effects of red wine are also present in Muscat.
Black Sea Gold has used the Muscat Ottonel variety of Muscat grape in their Muskat P wine. It grows particularly well in the warm dry climate on the coast and is used in for dessert wines.


The Wine

Muscat P is one of the wineries best sellers and who could resist the awesome taste of this classic grape. It a pale coloured, sweet white wine with a distinct, concentrated, sweet-smelling bouquet and what is rather unusual is that it actually tastes of sweet grapes. The pleasing balance of sweetness and body leave your taste buds crying out for more.  This wine finishes with a beautiful clean aftertaste and not sticky like so many other desert wines. With an alcoholic volume of 12.5 % it has quite a kick and is a great choice for creamy and fruity puddings. It is also a wine that you can continue to drink once the dessert plates have been cleared away because rather than being overly sweet it has a dry edge to it, which stops it from being one of those sickly sweet brands.