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Merlot Todoroff “Teres,” Vintage 2003

Boutique wines are the latest buzz word on the Bulgarian wine scene and the country is not lacking in contenders thanks to the likes of boutique vintner, Todoroff who maintain that their craft of “Wine and Art” is a key contribution to promoting Bulgarian culture and spirit. Certainly in terms f wine production this house is one to watch; it has a string of awards under its belt and a selection of brands that can hold their won at any tasting.



The Winery

The Todoroff Boutique Wine Cellar lies in one of the leading Bulgarian wine producing villages, Brestovitza, 15 km from the city of Plovdiv. It specialises in the production of high quality red wines from the grapes Merlot, Mavrud and Cabernet Sauvignon. Wines are made in limited quantities.  The winery was originally built in 1945 by the Andonovi brothers who were one of the most famous wine producers and dealers in the country at that time. In 1947 the cellar was nationalized by the new Communist government and remained the property of the state up until 1992, when it was handed back to the Andonovi heirs. In 2001, Ivan Todoroff, the present owner bought the winery and invested much in its modernization and renewal; the winery contained much National Revival architecture, which has been restored and preserved, but the technology for wine production is state of the art. He explains his goal, "Following the tradition, it is our goal to create a boutique product of guaranteed quality and at the same time to preserve the unique character of our wines. We are proud of this boutique wine, created in cooperation with our technologists; wine which carries the spirit of the ancient Thracians. As a sign of trust and honesty I give a toast to belief that each sip of this wine endows you with health, beauty and makes you proud inherits of the ancient history.”

Todoroff produces wine with a distinct target audience in mind. They are sold in the best hotels, restaurants and wine retail outlets and were the wines chosen as gifts by the Bulgarian National Assembly and The Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Additionally, Todoroff wines are exported across the globe to Italy, Holland, Belgium, Germany, Spain, Australia, and USA.



There is no disputing Todoroff’s ability to create good quality award winning wines; Jancis Robinson the internationally renowned wine writer wrote in a Financial Times wine review that Todoroff produced “a range of world class reds. Its success began with its participation in its first ever wine event in 2002 at Bulgaria’s internationally recognised wine show VINARIA held each year in Plovdiv. The winery was awarded with the “Wine for the Year” diploma within the “Young Red Wines” category for two of its wines. They then went on to win a medal at the French show, Vinalies Internationales in 2003 with their Merlot TERES 2001 and were the first ever Bulgarian wine to receive an award in this competition.  Ivan Todoroff was also awarded a Certificate of Business Ethicsin 2003 by Prince Charles.  In 2005 Ivan Todoroff became the first Bulgarian to receive the esteemed European Order of Wine Knight a title presented to him at Vajdahunyad Castle in Budapest. In 2008, their Cabernet Sauvignon Todoroff Teres vintage 2005 won a bronze medal at the San Antonio Wine Competition held in America. This same wine also won an award at Vinalies International 2007 competition and a silver medal at the Mondial de Bruxelles show.


Merlot Todoroff “Teres,” Vintage 2003

The Teres range is named after the Thracian king Teres, who valued wine so highly that he honoured it by stamping all of his coins with a picture of a vine. This series of Merlot is matured in new oak “Barrique” barrels for up to 10 months and then left to develop its unique character in bottles. This wine has character and depth of taste. This particular wine is a quality full bodied, dry, red wine, which has a rich and captivating aroma and intense flavours of stone fruits like cherry, Morello cherry and well ripened grapes. It is a crystal clear wine with a deep, rich, bright colour, the result of careful maturing in oak casks. Its mellow taste is well balanced by spicy, toasty oak notes and round chewy tannins giving it a good length with a long lasting taste and impressive finish. It is the perfect accompaniment to bon fillet of beef with broccoli and au gratin and more exotic red meats like duck breast. It also lends itself well to soft white cheeses.

Pictures courtesy of  the brand owner