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Bulgaria’s Magic Carpets

bulgarian kilimsBulgaria has a long history when it comes to carpet weaving. The art of making colourful, yet practical carpets began long before the Ottoman Turks invaded and conquered the country. Today, the tradition of crafting unique, quality carpets by hand continues in some of the country’s most far flung villages. Yet it is no longer an industry confined to supplying local villagers with flooring; Bulgarian carpets are now exported all over the world.

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Wood Burning Stoves for Sale

wood burning stoves for sale

Whether you want second hand or new, you will find a large choice of wood burning stoves for sale in and around Bulgaria. An option worth considering if you don't want to hunt down the best suppliers in the high street is to buy online.

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Furnishing a Holiday Home

Top hints and tips to furnishing your holiday home in Bulgaria. Imagine your new home is complete, the paperwork and bureaucracy are behind you, you finally have your keys and now you can furnish your property in whatever style you choose. Furniture for your Bulgarian holiday homeFurnishing your home is often seen as the most exciting part of buying a new residence, yet it can be a stressful experience if it is left to the last minute – there is nothing worse than moving in or inviting guests over only to find that your bed can’t be delivered for three weeks or that the bedroom suite you marvelled at in the store arrives in a flat pack with no instructions!

Careful planning will help you to avoid all of the pitfalls associated with furnishing you Bulgarian home.

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Heating with Wood

heating with woodMany in the world are currently seeking ways to reduce the burning of fossil fuels for energy.

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DIY Removals

packing for the moveMoving has often been voted in one of the top five most stressful experiences. The obvious reasons for this are the total upheaval of your life, the uncertainty of the whole venture, and the concerns about moving your possessions from A to B without them being ruined. Once the movers are hired, or you’ve decided to ship your stuff yourself, it’s time to start putting your whole life into paper and boxes for the ride.

So what is the best way to start this task? Allied Pickfords in Sofia give us the low down on how to pack like a professional when moving to Bulgaria.

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Flooring Trends for Your Bulgarian Home

flooring trends More often than not, floors are rarely given consideration, except when you are undertaking a renovation or new build of a Bulgarian property. Replacing flooring is not a cheap process and the thought of undertaking this can be overwhelming, what with the cost and having to move all your furniture. However, flooring is going to be with you and your property for a long time, so it is worth considering all the possibilities before installing or replacing them.

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A Seaside Home Make Over

shellframeVisitors to Bulgaria's Black Sea resorts including Golden Sands and Sunny Beach will

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How to Grow Green Chillies

 how to grow green chilliesAt this time of year in Bulgaria, most gardeners who know how to grow green chillies will now be preparing their vegetable plots for the coming season. Peppers and chillies are widely grown in most gardens throughout the country and if you know how to grow green chillies

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How to Plant a Spring Garden

springcrocusHere we give advice on how to plant a spring garden. With spring almost upon us, the days are getting warmer and it is time to leave our winter hibernation and get back into our gardens! This is a month of

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First Impressions Count - Kirb Appeal

olddoorinwallIf you are thinking of selling your Bulgarian home or are looking for ways to neaten up your neighbourhood, you need to add some "kerb appeal." Kerb appeal is the first impression your property gives to people who drive by. If you want to sell your property quickly, it should be the first thing that you attend to, in order to ensure that potential buyers stop and want to take a further look rather than drive on by.

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