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Christmas Saving Ideas

christmas saving ideasHere we have some Christmas saving ideas to help reduce the cost at this time of year.

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Outdoor Kitchens

outdoor eating areaAlthough it is coming towards the end of the high summer, there are still many long warm sunny days ahead and this is a great time to put an outdoor kitchen in your garden to make the most of this time of year.

It is one of the great things about owning a Bulgarian property - the opportunity to still spend time outdoors after the real heat of summer has calmed. Be you on holiday or living in Bulgaria, most people find that they spend a huge amount of time outdoors. For total heaven, nothing is better than outdoor dining!

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Prodavalnik - Free Classified Ads in Bulgaria

prodavalnikStruggling to sell your unwanted items, car or even your home? Prodavalnik  can assist free of charge.

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The Art of Window Dressing

dressing your windowsOne of the lighter sides of building or renovating a property in Bulgaria is paying attention to details. These are the things that turn your property into a home and your choice of window dressing will stamp your mark on your house making it personal to you. To create eye-catching window dressings, you need to carefully examine the size and style of your windows and base your design around them. There is much in the way of choice obtainable in Bulgaria from custom made curtains to restored exterior shutters. We examine some of the options available to you.

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Home and Garden Ideas for Summer

home and garden ideas for summerWhether you own a house with a large garden or a tiny apartment, it is still possible to make the most of the summer months.

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Country Life: Keeping Chickens

keeping chickens in bulgariaEver fancied fresh eggs for breakfast? Maybe a home-reared bird for the weekend? If you have a Bulgarian home with a bit of land you can easily keep chickens. With concern over the way some animals are treated on farms, your property in Bulgaria can provide you with the opportunity to rear your own chickens in a free range or non-intensive environment. They are gentle creatures to have around with their soft clucking and you'll save a bit of money too. Quest Bulgaria provides some tips and hints on how to go about keeping chickens for the first time, whether you just want fresh eggs or to rear chickens for the table.

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Swimming Pools Project: Part One

installing a swimming pool in bulgariaFor those who own property in Bulgaria, their thoughts are already starting to turn to warm spring days followed by the long hot summer and how they can improve the value of their property or holiday home. No better time to think about a swimming pool. A pool is one of the main features which will increase the value of your Bulgarian property both for rental and resale.

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Gravel Your Garden

gravelareaIf you own a holiday or permanent home in Bulgaria, you may wonder what to do with your weed-filled garden to make it more attractive and less work.

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Focus on Wells and Well Water

well worth looking intoMany people find that when they buy an old Bulgarian property there is a quaint little water well in the garden, which accesses an underground water supply. Many use a simplistic bucket and pulley mechanism whilst others may be more sophisticated drawing water by an electric or mechanical pump. Wells differ greatly in depth, water volume and water quality and whilst well water usually contains more minerals than surface water it can also contain chemicals that are extremely dangerous to your health.

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Rain water Harvesting Methods

a gift from the heavensRain water harvesting methods allow you to collect an independent water supply and store for use at a later date. Developed countries frequently use it as an extra to the mains supply, as it can help in times when restrictions may have been imposed due to droughts. Collected rainwater is as a rule sufficient for many household requirements often lessening the call for extra detergents as it is softer.

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