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Chimney Facts

chimney factsHere we provide some important chimney facts for People who move to Bulgaria and often forget the risks involved if a chimney is not cared for properly. A factor of many house fires is a congested chimney.

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Wood Burning Stoves

wood is the main form of heatingAs the cooler days commence, thoughts turn to heating your Bulgarian home. The most popular method is a wood or log burner but before you start you need to get to grips with the art of how to stack wood.

Generally, Bulgarian properties are heated with wood. It is readily available and gives out extraordinarily efficient heat. Most people, rather than having an open fireplace opt for a wood burning stove. After heating our home mainly with electric rads last year and paying a hefty price, we opted to go along with the majority of Bulgarians.

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Heating your Bulgarian Home for Winter

log burner

There are many ways to heat your Bulgarian home throughout the cold season. The choice you make will depend on the area you live in, your access to fuel and the money you have available to spend.

Put on your thermals - The most efficient and energy saving way to cut down on fuel costs is to ensure that your house is well insulated. Bulgarian brickwork is shoddy to say the least and needs thick layers of insulation to cover the many gaps, which will let heat out and the cold wind in.

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Bulgarian Gardens - To Grow or Buy

bulgarian gardensBulgarian gardens are typically employed for providing food and drink, livestock and if there is a woman at home then flowers will also be added for colour.

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Square Design Interiors

design interior 1Sandra Korka has been involved in the sector of design interiors for the past 16 years, creating functional spaces of high aesthetics, focusing on the clients and their needs. Square Design Interiors, her practice, is located in Thessaloniki, at the North part of Greece, less than four hours drive away from Sofia. However, Sandra travels to work and delivers residential and retail projects all over Greece and at the moment, she is expanding her services to Bulgaria and the wider area of the Balkans.

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Top Tips to Stop Condensation

bathroomwindowThe summer is coming to a close, which means that the damp, cold Bulgarian winter is not far away. In other words, it's time to start considering one of the most frequent problems that hits your home when the cold weather commences: condensation. It's a pesky problem that though may seem insignificant, can in fact cause a lot of damage. Here are some tips to keep condensation in your home to a minimum.

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Exterior Paint Colours

pick a colourWhen it comes to choosing a colour for the exterior of your Bulgarian dream home, it’s easy to be struck with chromophobia - the fear of colours! In this day and age even in Bulgaria there are so many to choose from with subtle yet significant differences between one shade and the next. Choosing the wrong colour can turn your house into a public eyesore and devalue your investment.  That’s why it’s crucial that you choose the right shade because everyone whether you want this or not is going to see the results of your handiwork. Should you make a mistake in choosing a colour in an interior room, you can paint over your mistake for relatively little costs, however, the exterior of your home costs far more to rectify especially if the colour you choose is mixed into expensive textured render.

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How to Save Water and Money

waterwellWith water shortages being a common problem in Bulgaria, it is a good idea to look at ways on how you can save water in your home. Not only will this be good for the environment, but it will also certainly reduce your energy bills drastically.

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Tips on Pool Care in Bulgaria

funinpooolMaintaining your pool correctly is of great importance and yet there are so many pool owners that do not abide by this fact, leaving their pools uncared for. Although most pools are located outside which makes maintaining them slightly easier, it is crucial that you find out if the laws concerning superior safety regulations are in place with your swimming pool.

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Create a Wildlife Pond

wildlife pond in bulgariaWildlife ponds are incredibly easy to make and add pleasure to your Bulgarian home. Current trends in gardening mean that many property owners are building gardens with no thought to local nature. Natural wildlife ponds are disappearing and you can play an important part in reversing this, providing a haven for wetland wildlife.

Such a pond can be made at the cost of just a few leva and a little patience. It will be far more interesting than any "ornamental" pond, brimming with surface and underwater life.

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