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Swimming Pools Project: Part Two

cost of a swimming poolIn the second part of our series on installing a swimming pool at your Bulgarian property, here is a look at the types of pools available including the pros and cons of each. Plus the breakdown of costs on a liner pool installation. Whilst a considerable investment, a pool is one of the main features which will increase the value of your Bulgarian property both for rental and resale.

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Selling your Homegrown Produce

free range eggsMany who have bought a Bulgarian property and are now developing it as a small farm look for ways to supplement their income through selling their homegrown produce. How you set about this depends to a great extent on what you will be selling and where you are in Bulgaria. The Bulgarians have long favoured homegrown fruit and veg and foreign visitors show a distinct consumer trend towards organic produce.

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What’s on the Box

Maybe it’s because the Brits produce some of the best TV in the world or perhaps it’s just down to the dull climate or perhaps the fact that watching television is a national pastime in the UK. Television provides us with news, entertainment and information; it also helps us to unwind at the end of a long day, babysits the children and provides background entertainment. Such is the power of the goggle box that life without it seems hard to imagine and for many people looking to move to Bulgaria checking out what’s on the box is a top priority.

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Get Switched On

Get enough socketsElectricity is one of the most important aspects of modern living. It literally powers our lives giving us access to a wide range of appliances, information, entertainment and light. Without it life in the modern world would be dim, but what are the implications of installing electricity into your home in Bulgaria.

Surely power here is available at a simple flick of a switch? Well, ultimately yes it is, but there are a few points to consider before you get to that stage!


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Old Urban Houses amid a Construction Boom

Photograph: Monika KosteraA frequent comment from regular visitors to Bulgaria is how much the skyline has changed since they were last here. Indeed new apartment complexes, hotels, shopping malls and office blocks are springing up with alarming speed in some parts of the country. As the construction boom continues and skylines change, some would say for the better, we take a look at the issues of preserving Bulgaria’s cultural heritage.

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Presentation - Getting Green Grass

Green Grass with Mr. BricolageGrassy areas are the heart of every garden, they create an incredibly cozy atmosphere and closeness to nature that make garden a real piece of paradise. A green lawn is not something impossible to achieve in Bulgaria, on the contrary, everyone can have success.

Choosing the Right Grass - Mr. Bricolage offers all types, those suitable for hot sunny areas, others for shade and a resistant grass for heavy traffic areas. If you fancy something rather special and different the mix of grass and field flowers Mauritanian Lawns, will create a more natural effect blossoming all season.Grass mixes in Mr. Bricolage start from 4.99 leva (0.5 kg.) for “Universal”, from 22.00 leva (1 kg.) for shady areas and heavy traffic spots. English rye-grass grows quickly, it is resistant to weeds and its price starts from 21.00 leva (1 kg.).

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