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Household Costs in Bulgaria 2012

euronotesIt's all very well selling up in the UK, buying your new home and moving to your dream country but can you afford to live there?

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Apples and Pears

Typical Bulgarian Outside StairsMany rural Bulgarian properties have outside stairs and usually buyers of such homes look for a way to put in a new staircase inside the property. Selecting a staircase can be more difficult than it at first sounds. There are many things to take into consideration and a staircase can make or break the whole interior.

Staircases must be safe and user-friendly. They should be easy to go up and down. You should consider the tread, pitch and hand rail position, together with headroom. All of these factors need to work smoothly together.

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Garden Furniture

garden furniture table and chairsIn a country where it’s possible to live outside in the summertime, good garden furniture is a must. Bulgarian furniture outlets can be found in all major cities, and sales have risen in the past 5 years to cater for this need.

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A Smallholding in Bulgaria

grow your own fruit and vegHave you wanted to start your own smallholding for a better way of living or even making a livelihood? Buying the property or land in the UK is often out of reach for people but buying the property and land in Bulgaria could be the answer. For those who are enthusiastic about growing your own vegetables, keeping a few chickens for fresh eggs or raising livestock, then before you take the plunge it is worth considering the practicalities.

How are you going to manage the workload and the land; is it just for pleasure or a more serious agricultural undertaking?

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Organic Compost

organic composting in BulgariaFor the keen or organic gardener in Bulgaria, making compost from garden and household waste is one of the best things you can do. Not only is it terribly simple but it also takes very little time and effort. And you'll fit right in with your Bulgarian neighbours too. Furthermore, you'll reduce pollution and cut down on all that waste either going to a landfill or, even worse, being dumped. The rewards will also come about in your garden, with healthier plants and less fertilisers having to be bought and used.

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Furniture Packages Bulgaria - A Family Business

sofa-bedOur company is a family business. My grandfather used to be a furniture-maker in a state-owned furniture company in Gabrovo.

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How Does Your Garden Grow?


fruit, veg, herbs and treesOnce you have decided to buy, build or renovate your Bulgarian dream home, you will spend much time and effort on the paper trail to gain the relevant document to register the home as yours and proceed with any alterations.

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Under the Spreading Chestnut Tree

Bulgaria law does not allow removal of garden treesWe have a mature hazelnut tree in our courtyard garden and looking at what’s coming from it now, it’s very prolific, producing kilos of hazelnuts every year. This tree is one of the greatest pleasures of our Bulgarian property, providing not only the nuts but also welcome dappled shade in the summer and a splendid sight from our living room windows.

It’s interesting how such trees can make a property sale! Mature and established trees are a heartwarming sight and often resurrects childhood memories of magic tales, climbing, swings and adventures.

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Heating Methods And Costs

girlfirebookWith four distinct seasons in Bulgaria, you'll need to consider how to keep your Bulgarian property both warm and cool. Quest Bulgaria takes a look at various heating methods and the costs involved in running them.

Central heating as western Europeans know it, is still not so popular in Bulgarian owned homes. In Sofia, many are lucky enough to be on the central steam heating (incredibly efficient and cheap), in Varna most use reversible air conditioning, and in towns and villages the majority use wood-fired heating.

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Summer Kitchen

bbqAlthough it is coming towards the end of the high summer, there are still many long warm sunny days ahead and it is one of the great things about owning a Bulgarian property. During September, October and even early November the weather is often warm enough to eat outside.

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