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Insect Bite Cures From The Home

toothpasteDon't you just hate getting insect bites?! Most of us would agree that although there are very few disadvantages about the summer months in Bulgaria, we can all agree that

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An Easier Alternative - A Container Garden

containersOften, a garden with lawns to care for, beds to dig over and weeding to sort out can be too high

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Home Insurance In Bulgaria

damagedhouseAccording to a recent article in Overseas Property Professionals Magazine, about 10 000 Irish investors have bought property in Bulgaria during the last few years.

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Offensive Odours

draintankMany property owners find that there is a time when offensive odours are coming from their drainage system but don't know what to do about it.

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Wet Rooms

wetroomDesigner magazines are filled with stylish bathrooms and many advocate the installation of wet rooms, yet this is not a new phenomenon in Bulgaria; most old houses do not contain baths and shower cubicles; the bathing area is simply tiled from floor to ceiling with a shower point protruding from the wall and a drain on the floor for excess water.

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Snow Is Here


doginsnowFinally the snow has started to appear in Bulgaria and along with it the minus temperatures.

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Sweep Your Bulgarian Chimney

Wood busweep your bulgarian chimneyrning stoves and open fires are common place in Bulgarian properties as a primary source of heating.

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Tips For Lighting A Log Burner

Mantipsforlightingalogburnery people choose wood as the main source of heating in their new Bulgarian home,as it is often the most economical.

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Close The Pool For Winter

winterise yourpoolwinterise the poolClosing the pool for the year is quite a sad event; we are waving good bye to the sun and the relaxed atmosphere that it brings and preparing for the cold Bulgarian winter ahead wondering whether this year will bring cold winds and lots of snow or plenty of blue skies and crisp fresh air.

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Dealing with Firewood and Wood Burning Options


Its approaching that time again,September the beginning of Autumn,and if you reside in Bulgaria for the winter your thoughts turn to ordering your stock of firewood.

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