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Flooring Trends for Your Bulgarian Home

More often than not, floors are rarely given consideration, except when you are undertaking a renovation or new build of a Bulgarian property. Replacing flooring is not a cheap process and the thought of undertaking this can be overwhelming, what with the cost and having to move all your furniture. However, flooring is going to be with you and your property for a long time, so it is worth considering all the possibilities before installing or replacing them.

Whilst at first glance, flooring may appear cheap as prices are usually quoted per square meter, this all adds up and with fitting on top, it can become fairly expensive, so it is worth installing a floor which will suit you for years to come.


There are two key factors to bear in mind given the upheaval and cost. The first is whether it will stand the test of time, not just in terms of wear but also in terms of fashion. Are you going to be able to live with it? There is a very good reason why beige, neutral and oatmeal colours remain the top sellers! The second factor is making sure you select the right material for the area. Usage is critical, so that you use tough materials in high traffic areas (such as tiles, vinyl) and use warmer and softer materials in low trafffic dry areas.


It is true to say that 'natural' and neutral colours are forever a trend. Whether you have an older property in Bulgaria or a modern new build, these tones tend to blend to any other colours chosen in your home and soothe the stresses of modern day living. No wonder they remain popular.

However, there are trends for bringing more colour in to complement the natural look. This is particularly true for vinyls and laminates. You will have seeen laminates already "distressed" to make your floors look as if they were old wooden flooring: well now vinyls are bringing in some quite striking colours too. So, if your kids fancy a 'Varna Violet' floor in their bedroom, they'll will get their wish. Whether this is a trend which will catch on is dubious but worth keeping an eye on if you have a modern property.

For hard wearing flooring, nothing can beat the look of stone. But even this has been brought up to date with polished copper tones: very shiny! For bathrooms, darker colours are the rage and large tiles are definitely in.

Over the last few years there has been a marked trend towards cement flooring. Extremely hard wearing and low maintenance, these can be finished in a huge range of colour tones and when sealed are perfect for high traffic areas. Cement can even be put down straight over old tiles! One of the advantages to cement flooring is the low cost of installation.

For those who remain stalwarts of traditional flooring and the look of times gone by, rustic floors can be achieved with flagstones or solid wood. These flooring options remain highly popular, especially in older Bulgarian houses, where a more authentic look is desired. The current trend is leaning away from varnishes for wooden floors and now towards oiling the timber. As the oil sinks deep into the wood and helps maintain it; another bonus is that it is much easier to apply than varnishes or sealants.

Carpets are of course an option for bedrooms, where the warmth underfoot never goes amiss. One of the latest products to come on the market is an extraordinarily hard wearing carpet with a lot of 'bling'. It is slip resistant and embedded with quartz aggregate. This unusual carpet has come from the hotel market where its longevity is reknown. Laminates too are high on the list for many rooms in the house. Being easily maintained with a quick sweep and a wipe, you can find them in almost any look you choose - from 'distressed oak' to 'stone'.

With so many options, the flooring world in your oyster. However, no matter what you choose, installation will really determine how successful your flooring is. For numerous floorings, getting rid of damp and levelling the floor are critical. If you are not confident on your abilities on any of the preparation and fitting, then get in a professional. After all, you are going to have to live with that floor for a very long time.