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Winter checklist for your home

As the summer is slowly coming to an end in Bulgaria,now is the time to start the preparations for winter.

Time for a home 'MOT'.  No matter where your property is in Bulgaria, your home can take a beating during winter months.


Mud and snow carried in from the garden, potential storm damage and burst pipes are just a few things which may be thrown at you. Our handy hints will help take the strain off your home.

Upkeep is even more important with country houses and property owners who are reluctant to catch potential problems straight away, may find a 50 euro job turns into a 5,000 euro repair. If you are considering selling your home, in today's market, buyers are avoiding property which is not well cared for. So, take care of your investment now. Winter checks should include cleaning out the gutters, clearing drains and downwater pipes, and checking the chimney as a starting point.

Make sure your roof is watertight and replace any broken tiles and re-fix any which have slipped, to avoid snow and frost damage. If the snow gets in, timbers will rot quickly. Be careful to check the ridge tiles for gaps. While you are up there take a look at the chimney stack for missing mortar. If there are any bare bits of wood on windows or doors, paint them or treat them.

If you are away from the property for even a few days, leave the heating on low so you won't return to burst pipes. All pipes should be well lagged and the loft fully insulated.

With the worst of the winter weather, all sorts of dirt is brought into the house through muddy boots. Skirting boards often take the brunt of this, so choose a durable paint, to prevent too many scuffs and assist easy cleaning. If you have carpets why not treat them now with a stain-resistant treatment, it will certainly help with any spills and dirt.

The biggest advantage to laminate or tiles is the ease of cleaning but even so, it can be an exhausting process day in and day out clearing off all those muddy footprints. A few carpet runners with non-slip backing, which can be bought cheaply at most markets, will not only help this problem but will also help with the dangers on those slippery floors. Make sure you have plenty of spare pairs of slippers on hand to encourage family and guests not to go through the whole house traipsing through snow and dirt!