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Beautiful Bulgarian carpets for the interior

If you are the homeowner of an old Bulgarian property, one way to create an authentic interior look is to use handmade Bulgarian carpets, called 'kilim' in Bulgarian. Even for a modern property these beautiful rugs can be used as wall hangings to enhance the home.

Practical and colourful, these carpets have been used by locals for centuries. Carpet weaving began even before the Ottomans invaded and the tradition of hand-made rugs and carpets continues in the museum town of Kotel even today. The carpets are now no longer just bought by local villagers but are exported across the world.

It is said that a Bulgarian carpet will last the owner's lifetime as they are exceptionally hardwearing! The designs are very intricate and the symbols woven have their own meanings. Made with wool from either goat or sheep the same techniques are used today as over 500 years ago.

The most famous carpets come from the small museum town of Kotel, set in the Balkan range, about an hour from Sliven. Carpet weaving began here long before anywhere else in Bulgaria. One carpet will usually take three months to weave. The larger ones, much longer. Most of the Kotel carpets only use four colours and frequently contain diamond patters, representing the moon, the sun and the stars. Many weavers will make a rug with a design called 'trays', when they have their first child. Others will weave carpets for a special family event such as a wedding and on these you will find in one corner, the name of the family member together with the date the rug was made.

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