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Dealing with Firewood and Wood Burning Options

Its approaching that time again,September the beginning of Autumn,and if you reside in Bulgaria for the winter your thoughts turn to ordering your stock of firewood.


Wood is the most economical and effective form of heating in Bulgaria. At this present time firewood varies between 25-30 Euros per cubic metre.The wood is delivered in 1 metre lengths, and is stamped at the end of the log, proving that the wood was aquired legally from the Forest Police Commission.The delivery should include a document that states the quantity of wood for delivery and that it is legal wood.

Wood can be purchased through the village mayor,and can be ordered in early summer, then delivered at the end.Many locals can also recomend others who can supply the wood.
Ideally the wood is stored for a season before it is used for burning.This is due to the wood retaining half of its weight of water,therefore after a season, the water will decrease by 20% making it easier to burn.

Before storing,your new firewood needs to be cut into manageable lengths according to the cavity size of your wood burner.  This can be achieved  in many ways, but the options that are most used are:

1.Go to a reputable DIYstore and buy a chainsaw, they can be either electricity powered or petrol.You will then need to buy an axe,ask locals who will recommend the local blacksmith (Kovach) in the village.Many markets may also sell them.It sometimes helps to intergrate and get some advice from the locals who will enjoy showing you the easier ways of chopping the wood.Prepare yourself for a lot of hard work, but it does keep you fit!

2. Pay the locals to do the work for you,they may be already around your village cutting ,splitting and stacking fire wood for the older residents wood who have no younger family members to do the job.The cost is only small,arrange a price first,at this time the labour can be found at 3-4 euros per cubic meter. Store your wood nearby to your home if possible,having easy access will help if
your indoor supplies run low on freezing nights, or if snow falls so deep that you need to clear your way out of the house and have a long walk to the wood store shelter.

When ordering wood it is worth buying a little more than you need, because wood burns fast and when the temperatures drop,the wood pile detiriates fast.Prices of wood can double in the winter so be prepared.

Log Burning Heaters

Throughuot villages and even in some city apartment blocksyou can find traditional wood burning stoves.  They are often used for the dual purpose of cooking, and heating the living acommodation.

Wood burners are available from all DIY stores and there is a great choice of designs, so that the heating system can become a design feature of the home.
If you choose to invest in this form of heating there are several points to consider before you purchase a wood burner.There is a huge range in Bulgaria and it is a good idea to pay for a reputable brand. Bulgarians will advise of good suppliers which are found in the major cities.
Wood burners(petchki) provide far more heat than radiators and can be used to heat many rooms as well as providing hot water far more cheaply than a central heating system or boiler. The disadvantage of wood burners is the mess and the volume of work involved. They require regular cleaning, not to mention the journeys into the freezing outdoors to collect the logs. In order to get hot water, the stove must be active every day including in summer(unless you have a dual sytem to heat water by electricity).

Installing a wood burning stove is easy, any regular builder or DIY enthusiast can accomplish this task quickly and for little money. The stove vents through a clear chimney using a metal flue pipe.Remember that the pipes and chimney needs to be regularly cleaned to prevent blockage and chimney fires.