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Sweep Your Bulgarian Chimney

Wood burning stoves and open fires are common place in Bulgarian properties as a primary source of heating.

When first installed the stove is adjusted to the draught of the chimney but with usage the chimney fills with soot and so the draught changes. Over time you will consume more logs to heat your property to the same temperature. Additionally, carbon monoxide can remain in the house rather than going out through the chimney.

Sweeping your chimney regularly is the way to avoid these problems.

It is possible to purchase chemical blocks which you then burn in the stove or fireplace and these are meant to clean the chimney. Unfortunately often these blocks have chemicals which corrode the inner of the pipe.

The only real way to clean a chimney properly is to scratch inside with a hard brush. Failure to sweep your chimney could even negate your house insurance and you could be held personally liable if anyone renting your property is hurt by a fire caused by an unswept chimney.

Wood burning stoves are an excellent source of heat in the winter but you need to dedicate a little time to ensuring that the fireplace is safe. Having a clean chimney not only ensures the fire functions safely but that it also operates efficiently, thereby saving you money.

Put aside a day for the job and have a bucket of patience on hand. This is a somewhat dirty process so cover the fireplace and carpet / flooring with dust sheets before you start. Inevitably soot will fall down into the fireplace, so be prepared.

Ask one of your Bulgarian neighbours if you may borrow their brushes; they nearly all have them - and they may even offer to lend you a hand. Alternatively, go to a good DIY outlet and buy a set.

Whilst in Britain it is usual to sweep the chimney from inside the house pushing the brushes upward, in Bulgaria it is usually done from the roof downwards. It is very tiring and physical work.

Chimney sweeps usually recommend that a chimney is swept at least once a year and this is best done after the summer months before use during winter.