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A Seaside Home Make Over

Visitors to Bulgaria's Black Sea resorts including Golden Sands and Sunny Beach will have seen the souvenir stalls that dominate the sea front selling holiday gifts in the seaside themes. Why not make the holiday feeling last and consider decorating your home in a similar seaside style so that you can preserve the seaside feeling all year round.

This doesn't mean that it will leave your home looking distasteful, but it will actually look like an old cottage set upon the sea. Stripes are a hot trend right now and not just on clothes and in the high street, but also in the home too. Transform your home into a bright and cheerful seaside haven and enjoy being at the seaside every day.

Something old and something new
Mixing old and new furniture and ornamental pieces is better than just sticking to one of the other. If you are looking to create a very old, traditional look then you may want to stick with antiques and old style items. But if you want to add a unique look of your own you could add a few modern pieces to give the room a quirky, modern edge. Whether you're dressing yourself or decorating a room, mixing old and new styles can look very good together if done tastefully.

Sailor stripes
The old fashioned blue and white sailor stripes are a common look for seaside decorations and can look very good in your home. You could paint your kitchen in a similar way or just add a few striped furnishing and decorations, such as: pots, vases, pictures, towels, cups, rugs and other soft furnishings.

It's all white
White is a great colour to work with in any room. It works well as a fresh canvas and gives you the option to add any colour or decorative theme to a room without worrying about whether it all clashes. White is a colour that can be made to look very modern or completely the opposite - very old and traditional. White works perfectly for creating any kind of retro look. For a seaside theme, you could paint your walls white and add blue or red or you can leave it just plain white. If your floorboards are in decent condition, you could smooth them down and paint over them in white and simply add a rug to add a dash of colour.

The final touches
When decorating your home in a traditional seaside style, you could collect some shells from the beach and pick out the nice ones to display in a glass vase or bowl. There are numerous ways you can be creative with things you find at the sea, like the shells, sand and rocks. Try painting them, making them in to a decorative feature or setting shells in to cement to make them part of the house.