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Insect Bite Cures From The Home

Don't you just hate getting insect bites?! Most of us would agree that although there are very few disadvantages about the summer months in Bulgaria, we can all agree that

getting eaten alive (or so it feels like) is one of the main disadvantages! Somehow, it doesn't seem to be everyone who is effected by insect bites, as some people do not get bitten at all.

Although this seems very unfair and makes us wish that we were one of those few lucky people who were left untouched by the mosquitoes, insects and flies that love to bite us, unfortunately that does not stop us from getting bitten.

There are things that we can do before and after we get the bites, but not all of these remedies and gadgets work. If you go in to any local chemist or health shop you will find numerous products that claim to prevent getting insect bites altogether and others that soothe your bites after you have been bitten. The problem is with these products is that it seems quite likely that although they are extremely effective in the beginning stages, the insects perhaps become immune to the products, resulting in the products no longer working effectively. One thing is for sure, all of these sorts of bites are a nightmare for holiday makers and those who live in countries where there are more mosquitoes and other insects that bite.

If you have never been bitten you will not be able to fully understand how uncomfortable and irritating it can be. Insects often prefer to bite you in places where the blood is restricted, such as around the ankles where your socks are, waistlines and anywhere else where you are wearing tight clothing or underwear. Not only do bites look ugly and unpleasant, they can also be quite painful too. It is hard to prevent getting bitten by insects, but getting bitten can sometimes lead to contracting diseased such as malaria, if you have been bitten by an insect that is carrying the disease. Malaria can be a very serious problem, especially of left untreated.

The answer to why some people get bitten and others are left untouched is not fully understood. It is said that diet is a factor, but nobody knows for sure. If you do get bitten this summer, here are some useful remedies using ingredients that you can find at home:

Toothpaste - dab a small amount of toothpaste (plain white toothpaste, not coloured) on to the bites and leave for a while. This is a useful tip for when you are planning to stay at home, as you may not want to leave the house with toothpaste on your arms and legs!

Baking soda - mix a small amount of baking soda with water, until the mixture forms a paste. Apply the mixture on to each bite and cover with a plaster. This may sting slightly, but is said to be very effective.

Apple cider vinegar - apply a small amount of vinegar on to each of your bites using a piece of cotton wool or tissue. The vinegar will dry the bite and stop the bite feeling so irritating.