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Summer Kitchen

Although it is coming towards the end of the high summer, there are still many long warm sunny days ahead and it is one of the great things about owning a Bulgarian property. During September, October and even early November the weather is often warm enough to eat outside.

The opportunity to still spend quality time outdoors after the real heat of summer has calmed, as well as a great time to make use of an outdoor kitchen in your garden. A common place in a Bulgarian home is to have a kitchen located outside with a BBQ, and equipped with essential kitchen ware to save going back and forth to the house for crockery and glasses.

The actual kitchen itself can be as simple as a BBQ with a worktop at the side for preparing food, and some simple storage. It can also be a complete kitchen with all the things you would expect inside your home. Only you can decide, depending upon your family needs, budget and how much use you will make of your outdoor kitchen.

In a perfect world, your kitchen would contain everything you will need, allowing for ample storage, a good size preparation area, cooking appliances (BBQ and oven/hob), fridge plus sink for washing up. This really allows you to set up your outdoor kitchen exactly as you would your indoor one, complete with all crockery, glasses, cutlery, etc.

Make sure you have shade; one of the other factors is to have a think about how your outdoor kitchen will link in with the style of your house and your garden. The outdoor kitchen needs to look as if it 'belongs' with what is around it, so choose a style which looks good with your property.

Be you on holiday or living in Bulgaria, most people find that they spend a huge amount of time outdoors. For total heaven, nothing is better than outdoor dining!

To make the most of this time of year, and eating outside a real pleasure, the answer is to put in an outdoor kitchen, comprising an eating and cooking area, at little cost.