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Furniture Packages Bulgaria - A Family Business

Our company is a family business. My grandfather used to be a furniture-maker in a state-owned furniture company in Gabrovo.

He also did smaller projects on his own. After the fall of the communist regime together with my father they created their own workshop in the same town. At first things were quite primitive and most operations were performed manually.

With a lot of hard work they managed to make a name for themselves. People from the whole region knew who master craftsman Ivan and his son were. That allowed them to expand the business and hire additional help. By 2000, apart from orders from the locals, they were supplying major furniture stores in Sofia, Plovdiv, Varna and Bourgas.

Several years ago I was asked to join the company. It was my job to offer our products to the rapidly growing group of British owners of holiday homes. Because very few of the locals in Bansko, Borovets, Pamporovo, Sunny Beach, Nessebar, Balchik, etc. spoke conversational English, it was a burden for the owners to find everything else apart from furniture that they needed to furnish their properties (curtains, linens, kitchen accessories, electrical goods, etc.).

Many of our clients asked me to help them with that. They would say, 'Hey, Bobby, we need a TV set. Can you tell us where to go?' Then I would check with the closest stores to their complex for deals and say, 'John, go to the store down the street on the left. They have a sale on TVs until the end of the month.' I did it as a favour at first. But as the requests kept coming, we decided to incorporate non-furniture items with our orders. Thus, complete furniture packages were born.

Nowadays, a complete pack includes everything necessary for living in an apartment. The owners can walk straight in and use the place without wasting precious time off their holiday to shop around for individual items. We pick everything so that it fits together in terms of style and the end result looks like the work of a professional interior designer. Not to mention that because we buy in bulk from our suppliers, we are able to offer prices lower than the local stores.

And people love it. We discuss their preferences over the phone or e-mail and about a month later they have their place entirely furnished without having to come over. A lot of clients do not even visit their apartments before sending guests. This means that they can start renting and earning income, even though they have little time to deal with their investments at the moment.

We keep in mind that many of our customers would like to rent. That is why we make our furniture sturdy and durable. It is meant to last many years without breaking even if it takes a hit or two. This makes our clients more secure that they will not find the furnishing in ruins after their tenants' visit.

Quality is of vital importance for us. This is what our workshop is famous for. We have equipped it with the latest furniture production technologies so we can offer only top quality products. Items that do not match to our standards are taken apart and remade. We give a 2-year warranty, however we usually take care of problems even after that. So far, for all these years we have had very few complaints, most of which were due to misuse.

Recently things have taken an abrupt turn. The owners no longer have large amounts of money available for furnishing. On top of that, a lot of them have been scammed by malignant builders and furniture suppliers. To answer their needs, we introduced a range which we can offer in our packs at very affordable prices. We strive to keep our products at the optimum value to price ratio. Furthermore, we sell single items as well. Just several days ago we shipped a sofa bed to a client, who could not afford a full pack but still wanted to use his apartment.

If there is something that we are extremely proud of, it is our fitted kitchens and sofas. My grandfather who oversees the production in the shop while my father is making deliveries all over Bulgaria, still insists that these are the two most important furniture pieces in any home. He believes that families become close in the kitchen, and that is why according to him a well-fitted kitchen equals a close-knit family.

Our company is called ‘Furniture Packages Bulgaria' known to many as ‘Furniture Bulgaria' and we would be happy to assist you with your requirements. Our guarantee is your satisfaction so This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we promise that you will not be disappointed.