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Snow Is Here


Finally the snow has started to appear in Bulgaria and along with it the minus temperatures.

The views are stunning like a picture postcard with the snow covered peaks and fir trees, and the first snowfall is truly a fairytale sight.

The dog loves to run and play even if it nearly buries him, as he only has short legs!
We had the snow tyres changed just in time to help hold the road, a great difference we find from the choice of being able to travel out of the village or stranded until the roads clear.

Keeping the house warm now will be quite a task, as the days get colder. Log burning stoves we find give a good heat source and are more cost effective, to suit the minus degrees. They come with some hard work, cleaning them every day and relighting, and not forgetting to keep adding the logs regularly or they soon run low on heat.

A problem for anybody with this type of heating as unlike gas or electric the wood form of heating requires you to do the arduous task of refuelling at regular intervals or else no heat!
A cold morning greets you unless you have set an alarm at intervals to awake and reload the fire with wood. It's not much fun if you need to go out in the middle of the night to the wood pile to replenish the stock in the house. Try getting back to sleep after all of this!

I like to walk the dog in the first, undisturbed fresh fall of snow in the village, although locals think your crazy walking unnecessarily in these weather conditions. Many will still venture to the well heated shop for a coffee and daily essentials, and of coarse a chat. A invitation to a Bulgarian's home is always a good bet at this time of year as you can guarantee there living area will be well heated as they dislike the cold as much as everyone else., plus a warming Rakia and meze (usually salad that has been preserved and pickled from the summer).

As time progresses and it freezes and paths become like an ice rink, then dirty and slushy I will not be so happy to venture out with the dog!