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How to Save Water and Money

With water shortages being a common problem in Bulgaria, it is a good idea to look at ways on how you can save water in your home. Not only will this be good for the environment, but it will also certainly reduce your energy bills drastically.


Often people take water for granted, using it excessively without thinking. If you live in Bulgaria you will most likely know that Bulgaria has a dry climate with rarely any rainfall. This is one of the main causes of drought within the country, resulting in days, sometimes weeks without a drop of water from the tap. It also doesn't help that so many people use modern, water-wasting amenities such as dishwashers, sprinkler systems and so on. With just a few, straightforward alterations to your lifestyle, you could save a lot of water and money.


Though it may not seem like a substantial issue, using a kettle regularly can actually waste immense amounts of water, as it does with dishwashers too. So when you make your next cup of tea or coffee, make sure you only use the amount of water you need and not any more. People often fill their kettle to the brim, but there is need when you only require a couple of mugs full. As for your dishwasher, it would be best only running it when there are enough pots, pan and plates to clean, to make it worthwhile. If you do not have a dishwasher and wash your cutlery in the sink, make sure you fill it half full and wash them with that water instead of leaving the tap on to rinse them. Another great tip for saving water in the kitchen is to keep a large jug of water in your fridge so that every time you fancy a glass of cold water, you won't need to run the tap until its cool. To wash vegetables, a water saving trick would be to use a bowl, fill it with water and clean them in there, instead of leaving the tap running.


The prime place in which people waste the most water is the bathroom. Well done to you if you shower instead of bathing, because this method of washing saves the most water, whereas bathing, on the other hand, uses a lot of water, since most people over-fill their bathtub. Another water-wasting crime a lot of people are guilty of is not turning off the taps. Remember to turn them off whilst and after you're brushing your teeth. The same goes for washing your face; switch them off when you don't need them. If you aren't guilty of leaving on your taps, then perhaps they are dripping. Try and get this fixed as soon as you can, otherwise you could be wasting thousands of litres a year.


Do you water your garden constantly? If you do, then stop now. There is no need to continually water your plants, vegetables, etc. They do not require water all the time, so you're simply wasting water, time and money; you may be even drowning your plants. Don't forget to check the weather forecast to see whether rain is expected. It is also vital to remember to water your plants and vegetables in the evening on warm days so that the water doesn't evaporate as it does in the hot day time. However, as Bulgaria's climate in the summer can be rather overbearing at times, it might be worth considering choosing plants which do not require much water. If you are unsure, ask your local gardening centre to help you pick which plants are most suitable for this kind of weather.