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Square Design Interiors

Sandra Korka has been involved in the sector of design interiors for the past 16 years, creating functional spaces of high aesthetics, focusing on the clients and their needs. Square Design Interiors, her practice, is located in Thessaloniki, at the North part of Greece, less than four hours drive away from Sofia. However, Sandra travels to work and delivers residential and retail projects all over Greece and at the moment, she is expanding her services to Bulgaria and the wider area of the Balkans.

Square Design Interiors possess solid residential and retail interior design experience, having designed and constructed all kinds and styles of residences (houses/apartments) and shops. Sandra has designed a lot of stores in the apparel section, as well as bookstores, computer and technology stores, even an ecclesiastical products store and exhibition space.

Services are provided either by composing the design scheme according to the client's needs and requirements, or by combining the design with the necessary construction works.

Sandra is very experienced with the onsite technical process and the overall site inspection. She collaborates in an excellent way with any technical crew, regardless of them being her long time cooperators or her client's referrals. As a finishing touch, Square Design Interiors provide the client with the overall decoration of the created space and so, delivering the undertaken project as a finished and complete piece of work.

Sandra is very passionate about her work and seeks perfection in every single aspect of a project. She strongly believes that the difference is hidden within the details, both in terms of design and construction and she manages to provide excellent executed spaces, design and construction wise, in the most affordable prices!

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Square Design Interiors offer a special discount on the design services to their Bulgarian clients until the end of 2012!