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Chimney Facts

Here we provide some important chimney facts for People who move to Bulgaria and often forget the risks involved if a chimney is not cared for properly. A factor of many house fires is a congested chimney.

Property owners often disregard that they have a chimney to clean and maintain. They simply target their attention to the noticeable points of the house, which are on show! Being the property owner, it is up to you to be responsible for the safety of all of those who live with you.


Chimney Facts

Inspecting your chimney annually and doing a thorough chimney cleaning job will guarantee the dependability of your chimney. A chimney that is not maintained can deteriorate fast and be a danger to you and your loved ones

Whether you opt for doing the job yourself or hire an experienced company there are many essential facts that need to be checked for when cleaning the chimney.

Chimney Facts - Flues

A chimney flue is a duct or pipe to drain gases from a fireplace or boiler to the outside. As fire creates hazardous gas, over time it will erode the flue of your fireplace. Chimney cleaning should consist of an inspection outside first so that you see if there is any structural damage. If so, this can allow the gas to leak into your living area instead of outside. A damaged flue is able to allow considerable heat and release gases from the fire inside the house where there are flammables and start a fire.

During chimney cleaning, the flue will need to be meticulously examined to help make certain that it is always in top quality. Soot and other deposits accumulate inside and have to be cleaned out regularly. If they are left to develop they will result in a fire inside of your chimney.

Chimney Facts - Caps and Crowns Explained

The chimney caps and chimney crowns are imperative to the long life and safety of masonry chimneys. Chimney crowns protect the chimney interior and flue from rain and snow. Chimney caps stop items falling down the chimney. They are made from metal but designed to still allow adequate ventilation and flow of air. They also help keep out animals and birds, and stop the build up of leaves and twigs of nearby trees. Both are an inexpensive and a preventative measure to a better working chimney.

The crown guards the chimney between the flue and outdoors of the chimney. Throughout a period of time these will weather, crack and shed fragments of materials. A thorough chimney clean job includes examining the condition of the caps and crown and carrying out any required repairs. Tiny cracks may be just filled, but if there is more destruction the crown may need replacing.


As we mentioned earlier animals like to make nests in flues since these are insulated warm parts. Weather such as snow and rainfall, could end up being inside the inside of the flue additionally causing leaks. Close by trees can deposit leaves and twigs inside the flue which will possibly cause blockages or a fire.

Many chimney caps will have a metal wire net which keeps this kind of bother out. Unfortunately smoke does deposit soot in the mesh and can slowly lower the capability of the flue to vent through the chimney cap.

All of the above obstructions will block the gases as well as heat from a fire inside of the house rather than releasing it outside.

Efficient chimney cleaning calls for taking out the cap to check the interior within flue in case of build ups and obstructions. Finally the cap itself must be cleaned out before replacement.

In case a flue ends up being broken, the gases produced created by fire can cause the chimney brickwork to weaken. Bad weather can steadily erode the stonework. Failure to maintain brickwork can lead to costly repairs being needed. Loose brickwork at the top surface of the chimney is most vulnerable to damage from the hot gases and weather.

If a brick appears loose this can fall down into the chimney and shatter a flue or simply cause an obstruction. During chimney cleaning these issues require to be inspected to assure the safety of your family and home. If brickwork is left it will weaken the chimney.

Chimney Facts - Summary

Cleaning the chimney annually will assure the safe, reliability and effectiveness of your fire. If you ignore the job you will end up with more damage and cost. It could also consequently jeopardize you and your family.

Chimney cleaning should become a regular yearly task of your house protection. Irrespective of whether you do the job yourself or hire a skilled person, it helps you to save cash.

Finally, Bulgarian friends and neighbours will most likely help with more chimney facts and help, but just make sure you know your safety limits when dealing with this type of task.