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Christmas Saving Ideas

Here we have some Christmas saving ideas to help reduce the cost at this time of year.

Buy fresh and make them last. Poinsettias are popular and good value at this time of year. If bought early just ensure you take care of them and discard dead leaves, and keep the soil damp but not soaking wet. Make sure they are kept in a spot that is not too hot or cold. If you follow our tips you will have it long after it was initially bought and their display will continue fresh and beautiful throughout your home.

Keep the bouquets of fresh flowers and Poinsettia throughout the Christmas vacations; by making a solution of fertilizer according to the instructions for the initial watering. Water every 3 days to stop them from drooping before the end of the festive season.

Ensure fresh flowers, plants and real Christmas trees are kept away from draughts, and too much heat exposure. Weather damage is a main course of harm for fresh foliage. Read instructions on how to care for them to ensure a long life.

To ensure your flowers and plants stay green during the Christmas holidays keep them in a cool dry spot and help reduce water loss and prevent drying by using an anti-desiccant spray which can be purchased from all garden centres.

Soak your evergreens in a bucket of water before making garlands or wreaths to re-hydrate them and to eliminate dirt and soil from them.

Natural Gifts are great Christmas saving ideas. Make a table centre feature from inexpensive items from your surroundings. Christmas decorations don't have to be shop bought, use your imagination by using things such as leaves, twigs, cotton, pinecones and berries that can be applied creatively into a unique table decoration enhanced with unused tinsel, baubles, paper cuttings and ribbon.

Deliver a difference with a healthy feel to your Christmas centrepiece with an unforgettable festive centrepiece using citrus fruits like oranges, lemons and limes on a plate and a pineapple. You might also consider a bowl of shiny red apples.

Christmas smells and aromas are like no other. A crackling fire, the roasted meat and vegetables, mulled wine and the delicious sweet baking; the range tantalize us with warmth and festive spirit.

Greet your guests with a beautiful welcoming aroma of cinnamon sticks and cloves simmering in hot water in a saucepan.

Among the classic and top Christmas decorations is Gingerbread homes which are gorgeous to look at and tasty to eat. Therefore don't forget to make some for this Christmas.