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Wood Burning Stoves for Sale

wood burning stoves for sale

Whether you want second hand or new, you will find a large choice of wood burning stoves for sale in and around Bulgaria. An option worth considering if you don't want to hunt down the best suppliers in the high street is to buy online.

The first thing to do is consider what you're expectations are in terms of what you will use the stove for and if you will be doing a lot of cooking in large amounts, what size will you need.


What is a wood burning stove?

That's a good question and many of us will not fully understand the role and makeup of the stove. In its basic form it can be described as a metal (cast iron) container containing an internal sleeve or insert. Other cheaper metals are sometimes available but cast iron is by far the best option due to the fact that although it takes slightly longer to heat up, it will stay hot and therefore use less firewood.

As for any fire or heater that needs oxygen to work correctly and ventilation to remove excess smoke, a wood burning stove must be connected to a chimney via a pipe which fits to the stove and the other end to the chimney access hole. Near to the smoke exit pipe there will be an air control valve which you can adjust as necessary to control how much oxygen the fire will receive. The more oxygen you allow in, the faster the fire will burn.

The wood burning stove or Petchka as it's known in Bulgaria has many advantages; it has the dual purpose of both being a stove for cooking whilst being a very efficient form of heating in the winter months. It also serves as a surprisingly attractive feature, especially if you choose to by a wood burning stove with a glass window in the door.

When you are ready to start looking for wood burning stoves for sale, it's very important to purchase the best that you can afford and it goes without saying that you should purchase from a reliable and established company.

PRITY has Bulgaria's largest stock and choice of wood burning stoves for sale and they have experts on hand who are glad to assist you in making the correct purchase. Based in Gorna Oryahovitsa near to Veliko Turnovo in Bulgaria, PRITY have been in operation for over a century, manufacturing wood burning and other solid fuel stoves, boilers, fire places and heaters. They have distributors and retail outlets nationwide.

It's important to remember that buying cheap will result in cheap quality and that can be said for most products that we buy. When contemplating to seek wood burning stoves for sale, if you can pick it up easily on your own, it's better to put it back and look elsewhere. Many of the cheaper wood burning stoves for sale on the Bulgarian market are made in Turkey or China, and these tend to be of very poor quality and inefficient.