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Furnishing a Holiday Home

Top hints and tips to furnishing your holiday home in Bulgaria. Imagine your new home is complete, the paperwork and bureaucracy are behind you, you finally have your keys and now you can furnish your property in whatever style you choose. Furnishing your home is often seen as the most exciting part of buying a new residence, yet it can be a stressful experience if it is left to the last minute – there is nothing worse than moving in or inviting guests over only to find that your bed can’t be delivered for three weeks or that the bedroom suite you marvelled at in the store arrives in a flat pack with no instructions!

Careful planning will help you to avoid all of the pitfalls associated with furnishing you Bulgarian home.


There are two ways you can furnish your home; you can use an all-inclusive service like Orpheus Interiors who offer a variety of comprehensive furniture solutions or you can do it yourself. Using a specialised company takes away the stress of finding shopt and then doing the shopping and also ensures that you don’t run wild and go over budget. Furniture packages come in a variety of prices and range in quality and choice. Some companies let you tailor-make your package by allowing you to choose from a variety of beds or sofas for example, where others limit you to set pieces. Whatever company you choose, they should arrange for the delivery of your furniture and assembly or installation and they should clear away all packaging and mess associated with the installation.

There are some disadvantages to using a furniture supplier; often you pick your furniture from pictures on their websites or from a catalogue and it may be hard to gauge how the furniture will actually look and feel. There is no denying the fact that you may be able to furnish your home much cheaper yourself, but only you can weigh up the hassle factor against the benefits of paying that little bit more, not having to source suppliers and having it all delivered on site in one go.

DIY Furnishing - Buyers who choose the do-it-yourself route can save money and tailor the look of their home to suit their individual tastes and requirements. If you decide to take this route it is important to follow these handy tips:-

• Set a Budget
It’s so easy to run amok with a fistful of Leva, but before you know it, you will have spent far more than you anticipated on many items you really didn’t need! By setting a budget you can research what is available and cost out. Any stores like Mr Bricolage give out free brochures, which detail some of the offers and products they have available. By studying these brochures and websites of stores like Technomarket, you can determine what is on offer and at what price and thus set a budget.

•Make a List
What do you need to include in your new home? If you purchased it for summer use only, then you won’t need heaters and lots of thick bedding, but you will need outdoor furniture including umbrellas to shade you from the burning summer sun and plenty of towels and racks to dry them on; it’s surprising how easy it is to overlook the amount of work involved in drying off a family after a day in the pool. If your home is located in a ski region you will need to buy thick duvets and plenty of racks to dry and air equipment.
Think carefully about how your home will be used and its location. Why buy a full set of pans if you intend to eat salads or eat out?

• Choose your stores
Make sure you have a plan of where you intend to shop. Flitting from one store to another will waste time and leave you feeling drained and dissatisfied. Before your home is ready you should take some time to look around the city or town nearest to your new home and judge what is on offer. Check out delivery
policies, prices and times. Does the store have many items in stock? Can they deliver within a week or do you have to order a month in advance? Do they offer an assembly package for their furniture? Most furniture on display in Bulgaria comes as a self assembly package – it may not look possible for your sofa to arrive in several pieces, but many do. Many stores will provide skilled assemblers, but you need to check on the cost and usually book a date for them to assemble the furniture.
If you are buying electrical goods it is just as well to buy them all from one store as there is little variation in design and price between Bulgaria’s electrical outlets.

• Rental versus Personal Use
If you intend to rent out your property, you need to choose hardwearing furnishings, which are not easily ruined with a child’s dirty handprint. Utility over style must be the key, yet it is still possible to make your property appealing with the wide range of furniture now available in Bulgaria. One important point to note is that a lot of cheap, self assembly furniture is often not very sturdy and could easily be damaged by rowdy house guests. Don’t cover your rental home in personal nick-nacks or house plants as they are likely to get neglected or damaged.

• Bringing Furniture and Fittings from the UK
This can be a costly option, but companies like Allied Pickfords do offer full removal services and if you are moving over to live here permanently you may want to bring over much-loved pieces from home. Also if you have some quality or durable pieces of furniture, it may be worth bringing them as you may not be able to find similar pieces in Bulgaria.

Items worth importing from home are bedding including high quality sheets, pillows and duvet covers – the quality and range available in Bulgaria is not always of a good standard. Ready to hang curtains are also of better quality and design in the UK. However, if you want made to measure then buy in Bulgaria as the choice of materials is almost overwhelming, they cost little and are often made in a couple of days.

Don’t bother bringing over electrical goods, you can buy it all here and the plug sockets are already two pin, saving using potentially risk convertor plugs or having to change the plug yourself.

Photographs courtesy of Orpheus Interiors