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Presentation - Getting Green Grass

Grassy areas are the heart of every garden, they create an incredibly cozy atmosphere and closeness to nature that make garden a real piece of paradise. A green lawn is not something impossible to achieve in Bulgaria, on the contrary, everyone can have success.

Choosing the Right Grass - Mr. Bricolage offers all types, those suitable for hot sunny areas, others for shade and a resistant grass for heavy traffic areas. If you fancy something rather special and different the mix of grass and field flowers Mauritanian Lawns, will create a more natural effect blossoming all season.Grass mixes in Mr. Bricolage start from 4.99 leva (0.5 kg.) for “Universal”, from 22.00 leva (1 kg.) for shady areas and heavy traffic spots. English rye-grass grows quickly, it is resistant to weeds and its price starts from 21.00 leva (1 kg.).

When to plant - Plant between March to May before the really hot weather starts, or August to September when the grass will receive enough moisture to strengthen the root system for the forthcoming winter.

Remove all weeds at least one month before from the area before planting. The most common herbicide is Roundup which is a total leaf herbicide. 100 milliliters of Roundup in our stores is 4.50 lv.

Planting - For 100sq.m use 3 to 5 kg of grass seed, depending upon how thick you want your grassy area to be.

Divide the area into sectors and the seed into portions to achieve equal distribution. Cover seeds with a thin layer of sand or peat and roll. Optimal depth of planting is 1cm.

Fertilize with the complex NPK once in spring, summer and autumn. 5 kg of NPK fertilizer is 9.50 leva. During May to August use also 3kg/100sq.m ammonium nitrate once every 3 weeks. Priced from 6.99 leva for 5 kg. After that you should water the grass abundantly. To fight broad-leaved weeds 2.4 DKNE (200 ml – 2.99 leva) or Afalon (500 ml – 16.99 leva) are suitable to use once a month.

Cutting - The first trim should be high, at about 6-8 cm. Later on come down to 2-3 cm. height. Mr. Bricolage offers 10 types of electric and 7 types of petrol mowers. The electric mowers usually have 3 levels of mowing height and their price start at 109 leva, the petrol ones have 5 levels and different options – with basket, with sideways throwing out of mowed grass and fertilizing system. Prices start from 399 leva.

A full range of watering systems are available in all stores – it may even be worth considering an underground watering system so that you can just laze in your garden without the effort of watering your new lawn morning and evening!

For those who prefer traditional watering systems, in Mr. Bricolage shops you can find all the necessary products – a full range of sizes, lengths and quality of hoses (price 7.99 leva), spools for storing the hose, watering cans and much more.