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Garden Furniture

In a country where it’s possible to live outside in the summertime, good garden furniture is a must. Bulgarian furniture outlets can be found in all major cities, and sales have risen in the past 5 years to cater for this need.

People want stylish homes on the exterior, as well as the interior. Now the choice of tables, chairs, hammocks, lighting options and other ornaments and accessories is wide, and in a range of materials such as wood and metal, aside from the standard plastic!

So, what are the foremost considerations when it comes to decking your garden out with tables and chairs? The first and foremost consideration is the price; which is also a reflection of quality. Here we have put together a list of helpful points to consider when  furnishing your outdoor living area.

Points to consider

The cheapest option is plastic, but most people these days want a more tactile, stylish option, which can be a little more expensive. After that, consider the kind of design you want. How much time will you spend using the furniture? Do you want low tables for working on your laptop? Comfy sofas to lie back and read on? Also analyse your needs according to your family members. Glass tables can be dangerous for children, so choose a soft wood, and dogs might chew away at wicker chairs, so choose metal.

It is possible for you to tailor your garden furniture package according to such needs, as well as considering what is the most suitable for the area that you live in.

Mountain properties suit wooden furniture, as not only does it blend in well with the scenery around, but there is no sea air to deteriorate the wood.

For those living near the sea, metal garden furniture in combination with rattan, as these are more durable in winds and moist air. These two materials are by far the most commonly chosen for chair and table combinations, with the wooden chairs in various folding or unfolding varieties with a number of fabrics, and the metal chairs with sturdy aluminium steel frames with a soft touch added by weaved or planked wood.

Metal options are a more urbane option for the garden, and are slightly more heavyweight, meaning they are more suitable for harsher weather conditions. Another, very regal option is wrought iron furniture with mosaic tops. Mr Bricolage produces a range of wrought iron tables and chairs, starting from around 90 euros. The mixture or wrought iron and stone materials make for very sturdy furnishings, but they can be heavy to move around.

For a country park feel, you could include a robust wooden bench in your orchard. Made of natural wood, and available in various colours, the bench is a reassuringly expensive 338 euros.

Moving away from the typical furnishing, how about a hammock? There is nothing more relaxing than swinging in a refreshing mountain breeze in the height of summer, cocktail in hand! Mr Bricolage stock a range of plain, self hang hammocks for as little as 30 euro, but you will need something very sturdy to hang them on to avoid bruised derrières in the future.

An easier option is to purchase hammocks complete with frames to hang them on, which can be found in the shop in various sizes. Hammocks are also a good option if you don’t want to go the whole hog and would prefer to just keep your garden seating options minimal.

Little extras

Additional features can add a contemporary touch to your garden decorations. Seating makes the garden cosy, and tables are infinitely useful, but ornaments and pots bridge the gaps left between plants and furniture, making your theme as you want it; quirky, floral, exotic or futuristic. Pots come all shapes, sizes and colours so there is plenty to choose from.

In addition, there are various weather-proof ornaments that you can dot around your garden, and for some extra relaxation add a set of windchimes.

Of course, don’t forget all important lighting options to bask your garden in alternative rays once the sun’s gone down. For a modern feel try a stainless steel range of wall lights, and floor stood lamps, alternatively for a more traditional English look try black or white.

Garden furniture need not be merely functional, but an integral part of the design of your garden if chosen and placed correctly.