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Swimming Pools Project: Part Six

As temperatures rise in summer and you desperately try to acclimatize to the heat, you may find yourself wishing that you had invested in a swimming pool on your Bulgarian property. Of course not everyone wants to go through the upheaval of having bulldozers dig up your land and local builders lay concrete as you try to catch some rays.


One instant, ideal solution is to invest in an above ground pool, which is easy to install and can be ready to use in a day. Another advantage of above ground pools are that they are a fraction of the price of a concrete pool and some can actually be sunk into the ground at a later date for a really dramatic effect.



Luxurious bubbles on your patio

One way to enjoy the high life is to purchase a luxurious hot tub. Invented in North America and developed in colder climates of North West Europe, hot tubing is truly a year round activity and this is something that a hot tub offers over a conventional swimming pool, which certainly gives you incredible value for money.

You can site your hot tub in surprisingly small areas of your garden, patio, terrace, or even on your balcony. Hot tubs’ like swimming pools come on all shapes and sizes, but an affordable introduction to hot tubbing is the recently introduced inflatable hot tub. Installation is simple; the hot tub simply inflates in five minutes, then it just needs to be filled with cold water and its standard 13 amp RCD plug and cord can be inserted into any domestic house socket. A built in heater will heat the water and at the end of your holiday, you merely deflate and pack away. One of the other benefits is if you move house you can easily take it with you.

Some people may be concerned about future hidden costs, but apart from the initial outlay, you only need a small quantity of inexpensive chemicals, so you can safely put your wallets away! Running costs are about the price of a daily newspaper. Maintenance is also just as easy; each Bubble spa comes with simple water dip test strips, which take a few seconds to monitor water quality. The information they provide will enable even the most chemically unaware to maintain clean and healthy water in their hot tub. Apart from the regular water quality checks, your hot tub requires very little maintenance. The built in pumping and filtration systems ensure a constant supply of clean water. Each week you need to take a few minutes to clean the tub down to ensure that it stays in tip-top condition.

The luxury and convenience of an inflatable hot tub starts from as little as 1,400 lv from Black Sea Hot Tubs ( If your budget stretches slightly further you may be tempted to choose Black Sea Hot Tubs most popular inflatable tub, the Camaro B-130 which costs 1,625 lv. This easily affordable tub has a powerful 1.5 kw heater along with an 800 w air blower with 12 8 jets. It comfortably seats four people and comes with a 12 month electrical warranty and 6 month guarantee on the black spa fabric. If you really want to move up a scale, you should take a look at one of their British made Spaform Hot Tubs, which start at 8,800 lv.

Chic and stylish wooden pools

A natural coloured wooden swimming pool will not only add a touch of class to your terrace, but will provide family and friends with hours of fun. Intex’s Seqouia Spirit pool available from Mr Bricolage ( has been designed to look smart and stylish, yet its specification means that it is durable and will last for years to come. The pool is easy to install due to the unique interlocking parts that also provide increased lateral strength and best of all this pool can be partially buried to achieve the look of an in-ground pool at a fraction of the cost. It measures 549 x 135 cm and retails at less than 5,500 lv.

Practical and easy metal frame pools

Renowned above ground pool manufacturer, Intex has just launched their Ultra Frame Swimming Pool. This pool is the easiest metal frame pool to set up and it is made to the highest specification from ultra-PVC, sandwiched with close weave Nylon webbing, supported by easy to fit rectangular, rust resistant galvanised steel tubing. This pool is definitely many times stronger than comparable brands on the market and is guaranteed to give years of enjoyment. The pool comes in an easy to transport box and can be taken away from the store the same day. It measures 509 x 274 cm and is 132 cm deep. It is available at branches of Mr Bricolage for 1,299 lv.

Inflate and enjoy

If you are looking for a low cost solution to those scorching summer days, then an inflatable pool is the answer. Reminiscent of a kids’ paddling pool, an inflatable pool can be installed and ready to use within a couple of hours. They provide fantastic places for all of the family to cool off together and have enough room for those who would like to swim. Again the market leader in the field is Intex, who produce a wide variety of sizes manufactured from the highest quality PVC, sandwiched with close weave tightly woven Nylon webbing for reinforcement. You can also purchase a zappy automatic cleaner specially made for above ground pools as well as cleaning nets. Intex inflatable pools are available at Mr Bricolage and range in price upwards from 200 lv.

Installing and maintaining your above ground pool

Most above ground pools can be sunk into the ground at a reasonable cost and in a short space of time. Chris Williams from explains that all you need to do is get a one metre deep hole dug out using a JCB, which should cost you around 300 lv. Once the hole has been completed, you then spread 5 cm of sand on the base and level it. Your pool can then be erected in the hole. Chris, who first discovered above ground pools when he moved to Bulgaria, says, “My own pool took one day to erect and now it takes me five hours to install them for others – that’s how easy they are. There is no drilling or cutting everything is pre-formed and all you need to be able to do is to put a nut and bolt together.”

Every above ground pool from Swimming Pools in Bulgaria comes complete with an easy to understand instruction manual.

Once your pool is assembled, you can fill it with water, which again is another simple and easy task. All you have to do is fill the pool to below the pump return pipe and then fit the hose for the pump. Once this job is done, you can continue to fill the pool up to the level mark on the outlet.

Chris says you need to spend around one hour a week on pool maintenance and this includes using the pool hoover, which connects to the pool outlet. You then have to flush out the pool filter system and check the chemical levels in the pool. When the pool is first set up he recommends the use of a fast dissolving chlorine tablet and on the subsequent chemical changes, a five action slow dissolving chlorine tablet. The tablets need to be placed in the dispenser that comes with your pool.

Once winter comes, all you need to do is drain the pool below the outlet and plug the return pipe, then remove the pump and filter and store in a frost-free place for the winter. You should cover your pool with a protective winter cover.


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