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Swimming Pools Project: Part Six - Larger Pools

Installing and maintaining your above ground pool

Most above ground pools can be sunk into the ground at a reasonable cost and in a short space of time. Chris Williams from explains that all you need to do is get a one metre deep hole dug out using a JCB, which should cost you around 300 lv. Once the hole has been completed, you then spread 5 cm of sand on the base and level it. Your pool can then be erected in the hole. Chris, who first discovered above ground pools when he moved to Bulgaria, says, “My own pool took one day to erect and now it takes me five hours to install them for others – that’s how easy they are. There is no drilling or cutting everything is pre-formed and all you need to be able to do is to put a nut and bolt together.”

Every above ground pool from Swimming Pools in Bulgaria comes complete with an easy to understand instruction manual.

Once your pool is assembled, you can fill it with water, which again is another simple and easy task. All you have to do is fill the pool to below the pump return pipe and then fit the hose for the pump. Once this job is done, you can continue to fill the pool up to the level mark on the outlet.

Chris says you need to spend around one hour a week on pool maintenance and this includes using the pool hoover, which connects to the pool outlet. You then have to flush out the pool filter system and check the chemical levels in the pool. When the pool is first set up he recommends the use of a fast dissolving chlorine tablet and on the subsequent chemical changes, a five action slow dissolving chlorine tablet. The tablets need to be placed in the dispenser that comes with your pool.

Once winter comes, all you need to do is drain the pool below the outlet and plug the return pipe, then remove the pump and filter and store in a frost-free place for the winter. You should cover your pool with a protective winter cover.


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