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Under the Spreading Chestnut Tree

We have a mature hazelnut tree in our courtyard garden and looking at what’s coming from it now, it’s very prolific, producing kilos of hazelnuts every year. This tree is one of the greatest pleasures of our Bulgarian property, providing not only the nuts but also welcome dappled shade in the summer and a splendid sight from our living room windows.

It’s interesting how such trees can make a property sale! Mature and established trees are a heartwarming sight and often resurrects childhood memories of magic tales, climbing, swings and adventures.

So why do so many people cut them back, pollard them and even remove trees without a thought? It was said correctly by a writer that “trees outstrip most people in the extent and depth of their work for the public good” (Sara Ebenrek).

Why do home owners worry about trees?

It seems as if some are frightened to death of trees rather than respecting them for their benefits. However, Bulgaria clearly recognises the value of trees and indeed under Bulgarian law it is not legal to remove or chop down trees - property buyers take note.

It is true that old , hazardous and rotten trees need pruning and other attention because of the potential risks they may hold if falling down. Humans generally cause most other problems.

Although home owners worry about trees close, in general, tree roots usually only look out for damaged pipes (where they are already leeking). If planted at a reasonable distance from the property, they rarely damage foundations. Allowing 5m for every 1 m diamater of tree trunk and you’ll be on a safe bet. Having said this, do watch out if your trees are close to your pool as they can cause damage to them. Of course, decidious trees pose one of the greatest problems with pools, adding to cleaning and maintenance of the pool come autumn time.


Plant more trees

With all the concerns, trees have become very precious, so we should be looking at planting more trees, not cutting them down. If you want low maintenance go for evergreens and if planting them near your home space them out carefully. A quick tip, newly planted trees like a lot of water, so plant before the rainy months to let nature give the tree a helping hand.

Trees are a very low maintenance option for gardens and enhance the feel of any plot, be they for screening, fruits, or just dappled shade in the hot months.

All it takes is a little care, looking after mature trees and planting new ones to create a wonderful and beneficial green environment around your home.

Trees and nature are highly respected in Bulgaria so why not follow their lead.



We know the best time to plant a tree is 20 years ago so that you could see its beauty now but the second best option is to plant a tree right now for your family and future generations.