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Get Switched On - Paying your Bill


The key to success when sorting out electrical issues in your home is to first make a plan of what you need, then purchase the equipment and follow your electrician round showing him exactly where you want everything to go. Do not let him deter you from doing this, it is your home and you are paying the bill.

Paying for your Electricity

Talking of bills, paying for electricity in Bulgaria sometimes requires psychic powers! Electricity is billed according to the amount used and a recent study by the Bulgarian Economy and Energy Ministry ranked Bulgaria at the top of all EU states in terms of its low cost electricity prices. Monthly bills cost around 70 lv. for a family of four rising to 150 lv. during the winter months. Each summer, electricity is usually discounted and bills drop to around 40 lv. although this figure may be higher if you run a swimming pool.

If you live in a town or city, your bill, possibly, will arrive monthly by post and payment can be made by standing order from a Bulgarian bank account or at your local post office or electricity office. However, if you live in one of the villages you will not receive a bill. In some villages, a clerk from the local post office will visit the mayor’s office once a month to collect electricity payments – you need to ask your mayor or neighbour on which day this occurs, otherwise you can pay at your local post office – again ask what day the records arrive.

It is also possible to pay your bills online with if you have a credit card for your Bulgarian bank account. If you miss the local payment deadline you need to find your nearest electricity office, which will be located in the nearest town. You can pay your bill here at any time in the month and some of the regional electricity boards like Varna’s EON have facilities whereby they will text your bill to your mobile phone or allow you to look it up online. If you simply sit and wait for a bill to arrive, you may be cut off after two months!