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How Does Your Garden Grow?


Once you have decided to buy, build or renovate your Bulgarian dream home, you will spend much time and effort on the paper trail to gain the relevant document to register the home as yours and proceed with any alterations.

Additionally, time will be eaten up managing your build or redecorating the interior - and with so much time spent on these tasks the garden becomes little more than an after thought. Unkempt

It is not uncommon to see luxurious villas with overgrown, unkempt gardens - this unloved, uncared for look devalues the property and it is worth going that extra mile to complete the picture.

Surprisingly, creating a garden here can be both easy and cheap. There are so many plants, which are sold in garden centres in the West but grow in the wild here. A trip through the undergrowth could reveal many treasures!

When all of the builders rubble has been removed and salvage materials are neatly stored, take a trip around your garden and take note of exactly what is growing there. If you have purchased land which was once someone's garden, the chances are that there will be an abundance of fruit and / or nut trees, possibly some veg plants and without doubt a mass of weeds, which could hide a wealth of fabulous foliage and bulbs.


Trees in your Garden

Fruit tress can keep you in nutritious food from Spring through to the end of Autumn.

Everything seems to grow well in Bulgaria and although no-one plants citrus trees, there are some delicious varieties of fig, apple, cherry, plum,damson, apricot and pear trees, not to mention an abundance of grape vines.

Many fruit trees even grow on wasteland by the roadside. There is also a diverse variety of nut trees including walnut, almond and hazelnut.


Vegetables and Herbs

It is unlikely that you will find a mini veg garden growing beneath the undergrowth of an abandoned garden.

Vegetables need lots of care and attention to grow successfully - if you are thinking of making your own veg garden, watch how hard your Bulgarian neighbours work on their gardens before committing yourself to a summer of labour intensive graft.

Popular vegetables grown successfully in Bulgaria include tomatoes, cucumber, peppers, chillis, cabbage, onions, potatoes, carrots, radish, lettuce, pumpkin and squash. Everything here is grown organically and is full of flavour.

Herbs are used frequently in Bulgaria for medicinal purposes as well as in food. Herbs grow wild here with the most popular wild herbs being mint, lemon balm, chamomile, lavender and thyme.

It is well worth investing in a good quality gardening book, which will allow you to identify each species.


Berries beneath the Undergrowth

Berry bushes seem to thrive regardless of the lack of care and attention they get.Your garden may be full of raspberries,wild strawberries, blueberries, elderberries and red currents. These bushes can easily be replanted in spring or autumn, but ensure that you give them plenty of water if you do move them.


Floral Finds

The array of colours during spring and summer that lines the Bulgarian roadside is awe inspiring.

Many of these wild flowers and weeds cost a fortune in garden centres back home, so get out your spade and start digging!

Some of the best finds are lavatera, lilac,wild geraniums, African Daisies and celandines amongst many many more.

You don't need to have a botany degree to determine which plants are worthy of your garden and which should be dealt with as weeds - just choose those varieties which you personally find appealing to the eye.