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The Art of Window Dressing

One of the lighter sides of building or renovating a property in Bulgaria is paying attention to details. These are the things that turn your property into a home and your choice of window dressing will stamp your mark on your house making it personal to you. To create eye-catching window dressings, you need to carefully examine the size and style of your windows and base your design around them. There is much in the way of choice obtainable in Bulgaria from custom made curtains to restored exterior shutters. We examine some of the options available to you.

Window Shutters

If you are lucky enough to buy a renovation project, you may find that it has restorable wooden shutters on the outside. Some may still be in good condition and simply need sanding, given a coat of wood-preserving primer and then painted. However, if they are too rotten to restore, then you may decide to purchase new shutters to preserve the original character of your new home.
Today, there are a host of companies who make custom made shutters in a variety of materials from hard wood to vinyl and fibreglass.

Some companies can even make these shutters for interior windows, which provide a practical way to add privacy and shut out light. It is best to use basswood because it is a straight hard wood, which rarely buckles and has a subtle, identical surface with no marked grain; this means that it is ideal for painting or staining. Interior shutters also provide added insulation boosting your homes energy efficiency in terms of shutting out noise and keeping heat in. They re durable and will not require lots of maintenance unlike curtains and blinds which have a limited lifespan. If you choose colours that blend with your interior décor they will add value to your home.

Interior Blinds

Window blinds can improve the interior decoration of almost any room; they can complement both traditional styles as well as modern contemporary design. Yet, with an amazing number of colours, styles and materials available for blinds today and this makes your choice even more daunting. When selecting interior blinds you can choose between louver blinds, panel blinds or roller blinds. Panel blinds are best for large windows, rollers are best for decorative effects and louver blinds are ideal for small to average sized windows and offer a cheaper solution to the other two. If your sole aim is privacy, then you need to choose a blind that closes neatly without any unwanted gaps. Cheap louver blinds rarely do this and it is worth trying out the blinds in the shop before you make your final decision. Blinds can look very basic if you can see the control mechanisms and you may want to consider buying valances to add more style to a simple blind. Again these need to be toned in with the colour and style of the blinds you choose. Functionality is also another important consideration. Choose blinds which are easy to clean as well as simple to operate. Don’t skimp on costs at the expense of quality; cheap blinds tend to be flimsy and break easily. Blinds are a great way to achieve a greater degree of light control because you can tilt the slats to varying positions and thus regulate the light entering a room.



Exterior Roller Blinds

Whilst this form of window dressing costs more than interior blinds, they are far more effective at shutting out light and noise and keeping heat in. They are made from aluminium and come in a range of colours, which will blend well with your exterior decoration and are available in a wide range of sizes, large enough to cover patio doors as well as small bathroom windows. They are operated by a pulley mechanism from the inside. If you have trouble sleeping when the nights are light then these blinds offer the perfect solution. They also make your home more secure than any other form of window dressing by completely covering your window or door with a metal shutter similar to those used in shops.

Curtains and Nets

Traditional curtains and nets have decorated windows for centuries and are available in a massive range of fabric, colours and styles – even in Bulgaria! DIY stores in Bulgaria also offer much in the way of choice in terms of curtain poles with everything from wood to brushed steel. Ready-made curtains are hard to come by here, however, stores like Mr Bricolage allow you to select material from stock and will have it made into the curtains of your choice at a reasonable cost. Sheer nets or voile offer a great way to let in light without making the room too bright as well as providing a contemporary look for your room.

Making a Choice

To determine what will work best for you indoors in each room, you need to think about the look and style you want to recreate. The windows are only one part of the overall design and you need to take into account existing furnishings, floor covering and the colour of your walls.
Another point to consider is the purpose of your window dressing; does it need to be practical and keep out light or is it purely decorative? Furthermore, do you really need a dressing on the window? If your window has an unusual shape or looks out onto a panoramic view then there may be no need to hide it behind layers of fabric. If the window in this case is in a bedroom and you want privacy and to shut out light, then blinds or shutters are the best option. Whatever you choose, take your time to research your options, don’t skimp on costs and then sit back and enjoy your new view!