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Swimming Pools Project: Part Two


Real life experience - liner pool

"We had a budget of 25,000 leva, so we decided to look at a liner pool as it is a cheaper option. We found a supplier with good experience in liner pools with a large catalogue of sizes to choose from. There was also the option for the company to install or they would deliver in kit form and we could do it ourselves from their guide with all instructions in English.

The excavation took approximately one day using a JCB. Unfortunately, the driver dug to the wrong level so we had to place a layer of hardcore into the hole to bring it back up to the right level. We couldn't put the soil he had taken out back in again as it would not provide a solid enough base".


Costs of the liner pool : 8m x 4m
Swimming pool kit            9,600
Felt underlay                300
Underwater light            450
Cleaning attachment        90
All purpose pool cover        1200
Heat pump                2100
Delivery                575
Excavation                320
Stone chippings            490

TOTAL                15,125 leva


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