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Swimming Pools Project: Part Three

With your type of pool chosen there are many important selections for extras and finishes which will really transform your swimming pool into something spectacular and increase the value of your Bulgarian property. In the third part of our series on pools, we investigate finishing touches. The type of finish you choose will depend largely on your budget, on the effect you are trying to achieve and on the type of pool you have.


Try to bear in mind long-term costs such as wear and tear, repairs, maintenance, and even the possibility of replacement.

Some finishing surfaces can affect the chemistry of the pool water resulting in a need for more (or less if you choose wisely) chlorination. If you don’t intend to spend ages cleaning the surface yourself, choose something simple and easy to clean, or hire someone to clean it for you!

Concrete pools

Tiling looks great and some really stunning patterns can be obtained. The mosaic tiles are the most commonly used.

They come on a flexible mesh background which can be laid over corners and curves without any obvious breaks in the pattern. They look great and prices range from reasonable to very expensive. A similar effect to the mosaic tiles, are the pebble-effect tiles. They give the look and feel of a beach or rock pool, but are at the dearer end of the price range, so you might want to consider this effect for the base of the pool only, with a plain colour for the walls.

Paint specifically made for pools is available in a choice of colours. Common types of paint include epoxy, chlorinated, synthetic rubber and water based.

Which type of paint is suitable for your pool will depend on whether it is a new pool or if it already has a previous coating on it. You may need to use a primer with some paints, and you will more than likely need several top-coats. The surface to be painted will probably need specialist cleaning and sanding prior to painting.

Plaster surfaces are also fairly popular. The plaster doesn’t have to be traditional white as there are now other colours available to enhance the look of the pool.

Texture can be achieved by adding marble or quartz, but think carefully about using textured plaster on the pool floor as it may give a rough feel underfoot.

Patterns and motifs can also be added to the walls or floor of the pool. These may be worked into the tiles (the mosaic arranged into a specific design) or added later in the form of vinyl motifs. You can have pretty much whatever pattern, emblem or logo you choose but bear in mind that it will add to the final cost.


Liner and fibreglass pools

Liners / fibreglass pools come in a variety of different colour and pattern choices to suit your taste. Some have a tiled effect at the water level, and others can even accommodate a row of real ceramic tiles around the top to enhance the finished look. As the liner is part of the package with this type of pool you will not need to budget any extra for a patterned finish, although some particularly decorative liners (including the ones which accommodate ceramic tiles) and thicker than standard liners, may cost a little more.

Tips and Hints for finding Swimming Pool Suppliers

Check out the company you want to use. Ask for customer references. You only want a reputable and knowledgeable company working at your property.

How long have they been in business? Longevity is a sign of happy customers. Ask how they will supervise the whole job.

You must ask for these.

Check what is and what is not included in the warranty.

Again, how long they have been in the business says a lot and demonstrates they have staying power to honour any warranties. A lifetime warranty is no good if they go out of business

Make sure the company and their workers are properly insured


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