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Bulgarian Female Names - Top 12 for Baby Girls

bulgarian female namesThe search for perfect Bulgarian female names for your baby girl does not come easy. You have to love it, your partner has to love it and you have to be ready to say it a thousand times a day for years to come.

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Snakes of Bulgaria - An Insight

Snakes, love them or loath them are very much a part of Bulgaria, and if you spend time here then sooner or later you will spot one of these fascinating reptiles.

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Retiring to Bulgaria: all it's cracked up to be?

rtire to bulgariaBritons, Martin and Jan Burton, retired to a rural Bulgarian property in the south east of the country a couple of years ago. The couple made the decision to leave their home town in Worcestershire because they were looking for a better quality of life "without hoodies on the street corners" and the subsequent feeling of threatening violence, along with a rapidly declining quality of life due to the ever-increasing cost of making ends meet. They are both in their early fifties and felt, sadly, that the time had to come to leave their native country and the problems associated with living there. They spent some time exploring the south eastern part of Bulgaria and eventually found an old, small two bed house in a tiny village which, although needing a lot of renovation, seemed to meet their every need.

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Bulgarian Dating, Life and Relationships

finding love in bulgariaBulgarian dating and falling in love is pretty much the same as it is all over the world,  the Bulgarian way of life and the people - especially the people! Many single expats of all ages move here and unexpectedly find a partner to share their experiences with and despite the language barrier it is often easier to meet someone on Bulgarian soil than it is on your native territory. If you are a lonesome single stuck on the international dating ladder in a cold dull northern European climate consider a move to Bulgaria!

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Real Life Experience: Living in Bulgaria

british expats loving living in bulgariaWhat's it like living in Bulgaria and is Bulgaria what you thought it would be? At this time of year, many expats' thoughts turn to family who are still back home and they are missing; others, who are considering moving to the country, look forward excitedly to buying a property and starting their new life - is life in Bulgaria good or bad for expats? Quest Bulgaria talks in-depth to one British expat couple who have lived in the country for five years to find out their experience.


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Wildlife In Bulgaria

nose horned viperBulgaria is becoming an increasingly alluring destination for fanatics of all-things wildlife and environmental, Quest Bulgaria introduces some of the reptiles and amphibians in Bulgaria.

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The Black Sea Coasts Best Spa Hotels

a spa retreat on the coastThe Bulgarian coast is rich in curative mineral spas, which have a different physical and chemical makeup compared to the other mineral spas in the country. They are low in mineralisation and rich in salt with some containing iodine and bromide. Many coastal areas also have healing firth mud and obviously a healthy sea climate. As a result, many resorts and towns have a vast range of spa hotels, which offer a host of therapeutic treatments using the natural resources and medicinal techniques designed to hear a range of ailments and illnesses. The spas are staffed by qualified professionals who are well versed in these natural therapies. We take a look at some of the coasts leading spa complexes.

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Easter eggs-travaganza

hand painted eggs

Just before the Bulgarian Orthodox Easter celebration, Bulgarian kitchens will be busy with the hustle and bustle of Easter egg preparations. Bulgaria’s age old Easter tradition dictates the giving of hand painted hen’s eggs as gifts rather than the commercial chocolate egg of the Western tradition.

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Easter in Bulgaria


easter in bulgariaThis year easter in Bulgaria is celebrated on 12 April 2015 where the dominant religion is Orthodox. It is one of the most important celebrations of the year and in the Orthodox Church calendar it is the most significant movable feast – movable because the date changes each year.

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Interview with Dr Valeri Kulev of Tokuda Hospital, Sofia

I managed to steal an hour of the lovely Dr Valeri Kulev's time, and asked him a few questions about himself. Why he became a doctor and a surgeon.

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