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A Teenage Expat in Bulgaria

ateenageexpatinbulgariaOccasionally Quest will be looking at the lives of the younger expats and publishing articles as told to us by themselves.This first article is the success story of Luisa

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Retiring to Bulgaria: getting it right

retirement in bulgariaIf you are considering retiring to Bulgaria, it might be the last move you will make, which is why it is so important to get everything right.

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Our Bulgaria: the view from here

living in bulgariaOne of the main concerns of those considering buying a property and becoming expats in Bulgaria, is the difference in cultures. A good many dive straight in lock, stock and barrel, some without even visiting the country, underestimating the challenges of living here.

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Helping Silistra orphanage

presents for the children at silistra orphanage bulgariaWhen they decided to help an orphanage, close to where they take their holidays in Bulgaria, Berni and Dougie Leggett from Orton Goldhay in Peterborough, could not have imagined the impact it would have on their lives.

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Brits move to Bulgaria for happiness

why britons move to bulgariaThose living in Bulgaria, be they expats or locals, have been hard hit by the recession. The global crisis has slammed businesses, job numbers have fallen and property prices have dropped. Expats have seen their income shrink as the pound crashed down against the euro. All of this would make you wonder why Britons would move to Bulgaria.

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Expat life in Bulgaria

british expats living in bulgariaThe huge wave of expat arrivals in Bulgaria, following television programmes lauding a 'dream in the sun' and 'your dream overseas property', hasn't turned out for some. Many expats who bought a home, arrived in keen anticipation but have since packed up and left. Many had only stayed a year before returning home.

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Bulgaria good for property and retirement

bulgaria is top choice for property and retirementTwo recent reports highlight Bulgaria as an excellent choice for both property and retirement. Global Post has listed the country amongst its best budget retirement locations in the world. Indeed Bulgaria was the only EU country to make it onto their top selection which was based on the cost of keeping up an international lifestyle.

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Bulgaria for Kids

parents in bulgaria spend time with their children

Is Bulgaria for kids? This is a question very commonly asked by many hesitant parents who are contemplating the big move.

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Factfile: Bulgaria phones and internet

phones and internet in bulgariaIn this Members Factfile, we look at landline phones, mobiles and internet in Bulgaria. The factfile has lots of links to all the major websites in English where you can obtain more information about what packages are available from a variety of suppliers.

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British expats in Bulgaria

a review of how british expats fared in bulgaria during 2009A look back over the past few years to investigate how British expats living in Bulgaria have fared. There is no doubt general financial crisis has affected many but will the coming year bring any improvement?

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