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Expat Work in Bulgaria

what kind of work is available for expats in bulgariaOne of the main concerns of those considering moving to Bulgaria is generating an income in the country to make ends meet. There are many expats in Bulgaria already earning a living and this article explores some ideas for those who would like to make the leap to live here. There are many opportunities for those who are willing to put in the effort to make enough money using existing skills, or simply using your wits. This could even be exactly the opportunity to go self employed!

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Every Expat's Nightmare

death of a loved one when living overseasBoth of our fathers have passed away since we have been expats living overseas. Usually news of a loved one's passing comes through a phone call in the middle of the night from family or friends. It is every expat's nightmare, suddenly your life is turned upside down. Under the best of circumstances, it is difficult news to bear but handling bereavement when living overseas can be much worse. My father had been ill for quite some time with leukemia. Eventually he was taken to hospital and my brother called me to let me know. We kept in touch regularly about his condition, which naturally deteriorated.

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Becoming an Expat in Bulgaria

moving to and living in bulgariaLiving in Bulgaria: would you enjoy it? Whilst some of our readers have a Bulgarian property as a holiday home, others have bought property for later retirement and many are moving to the country permanently because of the very low cost of both property and daily living. Deciding whether to become an expat is one of the most difficult of questions. What about the language? Which area? How much money do you need? All are important. In this article we investigate some of the questions which need to be considered honestly before making the move.

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Living in Bulgaria: Quality of Life

bulgaria offers an excellent quality of lifeWhy would anyone want to buy property in Bulgaria and then move permanently to live in the country? The answer may just lie in the quality of life which Bulgaria has to offer. It's all a question of individual preferences and quality of life is not really a tangible thing and not to be confused with standard of living which is different entirely. Indeed, you can be relatively "poor" living in a village compared with the standard someone from a city would apply but you can still have a far better quality of life.

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Buying a Bulgarian Horse

the arab is a popular breedWhere to buy a Bulgarian horse is an often asked question. There is no doubt that buying a horse or pony for the first time is an exciting experience, particularly if you have come to Bulgaria from another country where you just simply couldn't afford it. It's easy to get carried away by a set of big brown eyes but the horse batting its eyelids at you may not be the right one for you. Beginners and first-time buyers frequently make common mistakes; over-horsing themselves or buying a downright "bad 'un", taking the fun out of what should be an enjoyable and fun hobby.

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Moving Back From Bulgaria

expats returning to britain from bulgaria Some who bought their dream Bulgaria property are now being forced to sell and return home, others are choosing to do so. We were at a 'do' over the weekend, a birthday party of a friend, and bumped into a family who had been living in Bulgaria for a few years but are now going back to the UK. It is striking how many British expats do return, not just from Bulgaria but from every country. Why do these people give up on their dream? It is difficult to say, not everyone is willing to tell the real reason. The most commonly cited reasons are lack of money, missing family, not understanding the language and feeling isolated.

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The Fire Dancers

fire dancers in bulgariaOne of the most authentic rituals in Bulgaria having origins which can be traced back to the time of the Thracians (before Christ). The ritual has defied many persecutions to survive today - dancing barefoot over fire ! According to legend St Constantine and Helene were chosen by God through a test of dancing on fire and succeded. From that time on the fire dance was performed in honour of these two courageous people. It is celebrated on the 21st May which is the day of both of these Saints.


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Brits in BG


brit settlers in bulgariaThere is no doubt that Europe is getting smaller and much of this view is thanks to the integration of countries through the European Union. Europeans rate the EU’s freedom of movement for travel, study and work high above voting or having a directly elected president. The result of this freedom of movement has lead many EU citizens to purchase property abroad with greater numbers than ever making a permanent move. But what happens when different cultures come together? Judith Allen from theUniversity of Westminster and Dr Iskra Dandolova from the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences researched this issue by interviewing groups of British settlers, estate agents, developers and local officials in Bulgaria. We take a look at some of the results.

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Birth in Bulgaria

pregnant in bulgariaExpecting a baby is an exciting time for most women. Maternity care in Western Europe consists of pampering and good quality care for every mother-to-be with regular check ups, scans, exercise classes and counselling should problems arise. Yet imagine being in another country, Bulgaria, where you don’t know the language and have never had any dealings with the health care system. What care is on offer and what preparations are in place for the actual birth, we talk to one lady with first hand experience of giving birth in both the UK and Bulgaria...

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New Life, New Business in Bulgaria

quad biking in bulgaria, fab funQuest Bulgaria caught up with a family who moved to Bulgaria in August 2008. The family have established and are now operating ATV and Quad Biking safaris from Marinka, near Bourgas on the Black Sea coast. James and Lynn originally bought a home in Bulgaria in 2003 with their friends Kevin and Valerie for the two families to use for holidays.  However, five years later, one family headed across Europe to start a new life in their home in Marinka.  For now, the other family and their son remain in the UK but hope to make their move this year.

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