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Our New Year’s Resolutions

starting the new year with a bangA New Year always brings feelings of a new start, whether you’re a 10 year old child resolving to be good or the President of a country resolving to make life better for it’s citizens. Bulgaria has had a mixed year during 2008 property prices continued to rise, but EU funding was withheld because of irregularities and mismanagement. However looking to the future President Georgi Parvanov and his merry band have resolved to make an extra effort in 2009. In an attempt to guide him in the right direction, we suggest a list of New Year Resolutions for Bulgaria.

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Horoscope 2009

mystic milvenaThe last year may not have been as full of the good things you had hoped for, but nowe it is time to put it all behind you. Forget the credit crunch and the problems with your Bulgarian renovation project, look to the future and a new start. As you prepare to celebrate the coming of the New Year, top Bulgarian astrologer, Mystic Milvena takes a magical glimpse into the future to see what 2009 holds for you!

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Bison Farming brings the Wild West to Bulgaria

bison in bulgariaBulgaria is now home to Eastern Europe’s first ever bison farm.  The farm is located in the village of Orlov Dol, which means "Eagle's Valley" in Bulgarian. The village is part of Haskovo Municipality and lies 45 km from Elhovo and 15 km from Topolovgrad. Its natural rural surroundings make it the perfect place for hunting and fishing and other forms of eco tourism.

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Real Life Experience: Healthcare

experience of bulgarian health careOne of my greatest worries about living in Bulgaria was having a medical emergency and how I would cope with Bulgarian health care. I recently had a crashing fall on our stairs and slammed my back very hard. Being an avid horse rider, I am used to such knocks and thought nothing much more of it, knowing that I was likely to suffer a couple of weeks with a big bruise and some muscle pain.

During the following two weeks the pain did seem to be improving, so, being the hardy sort, I soldiered on and tackled such things as carrying in the logs and even deciding to do some spring cleaning to get rid of cobwebs and such before Christmas. That was not the thing to do!

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A Bulgarian Birthday

birthday party in bulgariaGalia and I had been invited to the birthday party of one of her friends who lives just a five minute walk from our house in Yambol. I had been told that her husband was a hotel chef and that the food was to be scrumptious and in plentiful supply, with homemade rakia to accompany it. I'd had a bad day and to be honest I didn't really want to go, but we had promised and Galia said that a few rakia in the evening would be good after such a terrible day.

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Bulgarian Values

what do bulgarians think?What do Bulgarians really think and hold good? A recent European research project known as The European Values Study, looked into the everyday lives of 46 European nations in particular work and leisure, family and sexuality, religion, politics and beliefs and values. The survey is conducted approximately every nine years by the European Value Systems Study Group (EVSSG). The Bulgarian arm of the research was conducted by a group of researchers working for the Bulgarian Sociological Association at the Sofia St. Kliment of Ochrida University.

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Discipline and Respect, Bulgarian Style

kids with respect and disciplineDiscipline and respect are two of many important components that make people into good citizens and these characteristics are shaped by the society we live in and our home environment. However, in countries like the USA, UK and other Western European nations, these worthy traits are on the decline giving rise to a nation of young people with little regard for authority and their fellow men. Bulgaria may be lacking in many things – good roads and efficient organisation to name but two – it stands out head and shoulders above America and the UK in terms the conduct of its young people.

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The Expat Community

bulgarian expatsMany Bulgarian towns and villages now have a high concentration of British and Irish expats who have chosen to make the country their permanent home. As a result many expat bars have set up for expats to get together to have a drink, a meal or to exchange information. Living in the expat community can be a comfort to many immigrants providing them with familiar surroundings from home, but to others it can be something they would prefer to avoid.

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Traditions - Archangel Day

which way for your soulAfter All Souls Day on the first day of the month, November 8th is the name day of everyone named Angel, Angelina, Mihaill, Gavrail, Radka, Radko, Raina, Ognian, Plamen, Emilia, Emil. It is called Archangel's Day or "Arhangelovden". The Christian church introduced this holiday from the idea of the nine angels (November being the ninth month) who could counteract heretics and pagans.

The day is dedicated to Archangel Mikhail, who, it was believed, was a saint at the top of the heirarchy of angels and who received the "kingdom of dead souls" when the world was divided into parts.

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Everyday Life behind the Iron Curtain

a generation of communistsAfter the Second World War, Bulgaria declared itself the People’s Repulbic of Bulgaria and life behind the Iron Curtain under Soviet dictate began. For the next 45 years a whole generation was to grow up knowing only Communism. Whilst we in the West enjoyed increasing prosperity under capitalism we were led to believe that life in the Eastern bloc was hard and fraught with infringements on personal freedom, however, that are not the way Bulgarians see their life under Communist rule...

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