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Through the Eyes of a Stray

one of bulgaria's straysBulgarian streets and villages are littered with many astray; we’ve all at some stage looked into the sad eyes of some hapless mutt and wished that we could do more to help. In a moment of melancholy we drop our kebab on the ground and purchase a bottle of mineral water, which we pour into some dirty receptacle whilst the dog swallows up our discarded food in one gulp. At this stage we turn away acknowledging that Bulgaria has a severe stray dog problem that we alone cannot solve. Life for Bulgarian strays is extremely rough, but thanks to animal charities like BSAPP and compassionate members of the public the life of some strays is being radically enhanced.

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An Aussie in Bulgaria

real life in bulgariaExpat chat forums are full of people about to take what seems to be a plunge into the unknown of buying a property and making a permanent move to Bulgaria. Many are sensibly trying to determine what life will be like once they arrive here and what they need to bring in order to make life better. Those people who have lived here for several years all have their own tales to tell and everybody’s experience of their arrival and subsequent period of integration varies, yet each holds something that future movers can learn from. We take a look at one plucky expats experience of her move from Australia to Bulgaria via Scotland.

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Buzzing in Bulgaria: Bee Keeping

keeping bees, a lucrative incomeBulgarian honey is not only tasty but an extremely good export and during the Seventies and Eighties Bulgaria was amongst the world’s top ten countries in terms of the volume of honey produced and the number of bee keepers, however the number of keepers have been falling and there is fear that the old tradition of bee keeping is dying out and the government is trying to promote bee keeping with EU subsidies available to those who want to take on this buzzing trade. There is a distinct gap in the market for anyone looking to farm bees in Bulgaria and even if you are new to this there is plenty of help and advice on hand but you need to follow the rules on bee keeping even if you only want one local hive.

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Learning from a Bulgarian Life

enjoying a bulgarian lifeOnce you have lived in Bulgaria for a few years the permanent holiday mood has long since gone, you become accustomed to the Bulgarian way of life. Some expats continue to spend their time moaning about the anomalies of the country rather than trying to learn and enjoy what it teaches us from its many good points. Most expats however, have never looked and enjoy their lie here seeing that there are far more benefits to a Bulgarian life than one in their home country. Bulgarian expats from the UK share their feelings on the positive side of a Bulgarian life.

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Bulgaria: Cost of Living Comparison

cost of living in bulgaria is lowIt's all very well selling up in the UK, buying your new home and moving to your dream overseas country but can you afford to live there? France is commonly high on overseas property buyers' lists, and there are some good deals to be had now as property prices have really slumped. However, there is more to a new life overseas than just buying a beautiful property in the sun. Out of those who move overseas and then return home, the most commonly cited reason is finance: in other words, lack of money.

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Fear of Fate, Bulgarian Superstitions

feeling superstitious?Superstitions are an inherent part of the Bulgarians psyche. They are passed down from generation to generation and even in modern day Bulgaria young people perform all manner of simple rituals dictated by such pagan beliefs so much so that many expat children and adults have adopted superstitious rituals as their own, whilst in the UK these superstitions are becoming obsolete with the nations young. Yet such traditions are a rich part of the cultural life of a country and something, which gives it character and colour.

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A Green Bulgaria

a greener bulgariaGreen issues are becoming more and more prominent in Bulgaria, and whilst many may argue that this is long overdue, the fact that city streets are now lined with recycling bins and young Bulgarians holding protest marches is a good sign for a country whose countryside is strewn with litter and whose unique ecological areas have in the past been threatened with construction and the devastation of natural habitats.

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Bulgarian Spa Treatments

treat yourself to a spa therapyAs the rain, fog and cold, dull weather continues, the lure of the summer sun makes us flick through our holiday brochures and plan ahead and this year with a recession raging in the West, a holiday to Bulgaria is a cost effective solution to getting away, but saving money in the process. However, if you were hoping for something a little more luxurious than a summer burn on the beach consider taking time out on a spa holiday. You can either book straight into one of the Black Sea’s leading spa hotels or go there on a day to day basis to take advantage of the treatments on offer. We take a look at some of the therapies on offer and explain how they could be of benefit to you.

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Goodbye Bulgaria!

goodbye to the beauty of bulgariaSometimes, dreams and plans don’t always work out in the way that we hope they will and we have to rethink the next phase in our life and adapt to new situations. Many people emigrate to Bulgaria and in some cases ‘living the life’ doesn’t always work out in the way that we had planned; some families find the separation from relatives and friends to much  to bear, others find it difficult to find suitable work to support their lifestyle and some just can’t adapt to the laid back Bulgarian culture. Quest Bulgaria, caught up with one family who spent four enjoyable years integrating into  Bulgarian life, but now due to unforeseen family circumstances back in the UK, they must return.

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St. Todor’s Day

horse easterMarch brings a host of traditional celebrations, which make life in Bulgaria both culturally rich and tremendous fun. Todorov Den is celebrated during the first week of the Orthodox Church’s Long Lent and is often known as ‘Horse Easter.’

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