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Traditional Bulgarian Gifts

 traditional-bulgarian-giftsDepending on the season or occasion traditional Bulgarian gifts are a common sight in many shops and markets throughout Bulgaria. The passing of gifts has been a part of

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Brits in Bulgaria: Past and Present

brits in bulgariaWhen the earliest Brits in Bulgaria arrived and settled they were met with surprise from Bulgarians, as it was something new to them.

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Native Bulgarian Dog Breeds

Gonche-bulgarian-dog-breedsHistorically, the main function of keeping a dog in Bulgaria is for working. Whether it is herding sheep or for security Bulgarian dog breeds have played an important role for both home owners, farmers and for the security of business premises.

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Celebrating Spring and Baba Marta In Bulgaria

baba martaThe first of March is a big celebration for all Bulgarians. It signifies the end of a bleak, cold winter and the onset of a longed-for spring.

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Women's Day In Bulgaria

womens dayMarch 8th is a big celebration in Bulgaria, be they mothers, grandmothers, teachers, single ladies or hot shot business women.

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Study in Bulgaria | Distance Learning

studyinbulgariaAs a former distance learning student who decided to study in Bulgaria, I can safely say from experience that there are numerous benefits of studying abroad. However, even though there are advantages, do not let this mislead you into thinking that it makes learning fun and easy, because in all honesty, it certainly is not.

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Interactive Christmas Crossword

Interactive Bulgarian crossword puzzleFor those of you who enjoy a bit of Bulgarian Trivia, why not take the time over a cup of coffee and have a try at our interactive Christmas crossword puzzle. If you need any help, then most of the answers can be found on this site, the rest can be easily found elsewhere on the internet!

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Christmas Traditions In Bulgaria

christmas decorationChristmas traditions in Bulgaria - Christmas is a huge celebration in Bulgaria and one that is rooted in religious Orthodox beliefs and pagan folklore. 

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Creative Christmas Gifts

kilimMake your Christmas presents unique this year with our creative Christmas gifts ideas and add something typically and uniquely Bulgarian. It's a great excuse to take a low cost flight over to Bulgaria to do your Christmas shopping and enjoy the wonderful Christmas lights and trees, which adorn every city, town and village. 

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Bulgaria | Interesting Facts

Bulgaria intersting factsHow much do you know about Bulgaria? Interesting facts will explain some of the countrys little known artifacts...

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