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Interview with founder of 'Animal Friends Foundation Burgas', Miglena Ivanova

Spas and Nellly thenQuest Bulgaria has been fortunate enough to speak with the founder of the Animal Friends Foundation Burgas, Miglena Ivanova. In this interview, she talks about how the foundation began, the challenges she has faced, and how we can get involved to help and support this wonderful cause.

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Bulgarian Chalga Music

headphonesMusic plays an important part in Bulgarian history and culture. It is a vital part in the history and entertainment of the country. Bulgaria has

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Using a Translator

Understand what you signMany of you who have stayed in Bulgaria will know how funny it is to have a conversation with Bulgarian friends. You use your pigeon Bulgarian, they add their rudimentary English and sometimes-other languages to the

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St George's Day


garlands for st george's dayAt this time of year Bulgarian life feels like one big party, thanks to the mass of name days and public holidays all of which hold special meaning and carry various cultural traditions with them.

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Jobs for Couples Abroad

jobsforcouplesabroadGlobally there are now more jobs for couples abroad than ever before, this situation has witnessed many married and un-married couples who have taken the exciting opportunity to head off to the various parts of the globe in search of a better life, together.

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Want to Live Longer?

want to live longer?That is a famous quote from the eastern European country of Georgia (formerly of the Soviet Union) relating to the long life of the people in that region. They have traditionally consumed large amounts of fermented foods, including yogurt, but this is not very realistic in many areas of the world today, including the United States. Many people are lactose intolerant, but you can still eat fermented foods!

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The Cost of Electrical Goods

focus on electrical goodsOver the last few years a number of electrical retailers have opened up chain stores across the country selling all of the latest technology. Some items are much cheaper than in the West; however others are on a par. The country’s largest retailers, Technomarket and Technopolis sell all of the leading brand names, which are sold in Western Europe as well as some cheap Asian brands not available in the West. Here we list some of the popular electrical items you may need to buy in Bulgaria and an average price you will pay. 

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Online Shopping with Quest Bulgaria

onlineshoppingWhilst browsing around this site you now have the opportunity to shop online by visiting our shopping section. Quest Bulgaria are now associates of one of the world's largest and most popular online retailers, Amazon, and ordering products through our site is exactly the same as if you were using the Amazon website itself. Your whole order can be placed and paid for without leaving Quest Bulgaria.

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Work From Home Overseas

work from home with a franchiseBulgaria, Greece, Turkey, Spain or France.. wherever you choose to buy property and move to, most expats are looking for an income. Even those who are semi-retirees want to generate more money or overcome boredom.

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Benefits of Fermented Foods

benefits of fermented foodsThese days the benefits of fermented foods are really growing, but did you know the fermentation concept was originally used to further improve the life and storage of foods? It's thought that camel, buffalo, goat, sheep and cow milk were once fermented naturally into yogurt.

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