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St Trifon

sttrifonklearchoskapoutsis In Bulgaria St Trifon day is celebrated on February 14th and this saint has more to do with wine than love - unless your love is wine! Forget Valentine's Day in Bulgaria, it exists and couples do exchange cards although this is a more recent tradition fuelled by western commercial influence.

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Planning for Retirement Income

financial planning is needed Quest Bulgaria investigates considerations for how to make the most of planning for retirement income.With already a million Brits taking their state pension overseas and many Bulgarian property buyers considering retirement,

A large number of purchasers are choosing Bulgaria because of the financial benefits it provides. Certainly, in the UK it is increasingly difficult to live on a UK state pension but it is easy in Bulgaria.

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Adopting from Bulgaria


adoption in bulgariaAdopting from Bulgariais the least complicated process in Europe and also has the fewest demands for the potential new parent(s).

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Weddings in Bulgaria

weddings in bulgariaMany engagements and weddings in Bulgaria today still practise traditions handed down from generations and 500 year old ancient customs. Traditional weddings in Bulgaria in the past required the consent of the Bride to be so the groom would send his closest friend to his intended’s home to ask her father for his blessing. The father would ask his daughter three times if she wants to marry, and when she replies yes on every occassion she is considered pre-engaged and the groom will receive an invite to the house.

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Babin Den

celebrating babin den January sees Bulgarian villagers celebrating Midwife Day known in Bulgarian as Babin Den. The date of the celebration varies according to which part of the country you live in - for some it is celebrated on the 8th January and for others on 21st.

Bulgarian’s don’t need many excuses to celebrate! There are countless festivals throughout the year celebrating everything from name days to obscure religious festivals and an alphabet day.

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Snow in Bulgaria

a bulgarian winter

Freezing temperatures and snow in Bulgaria are unavoidable but can be a truly beautiful time of year. January is the coldest month in Bulgaria; it brings snowfalls across the country and temperatures can drop to -20 degrees in some areas, however, a Bulgarian winter brings kind of magic not encountered back home; it truly is a beautiful time of year in Bulgaria. For most back home it conjures up images of grey skies, plummeting temperatures and a host of ailments from ‘flu to arthritis. The occasional fall of snow turns to ice and slush very quickly causing havoc on the roads and the railways.

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New Year Masquerades

new year traditionsBulgaria is rooted in folklore and traditional celebrations and the Bulgarians love their masks and costumes. In mid January, parts of the country celebrate the dawn of the New Year with singing and dancing with the largest festival being held in Pernik, near Sofia. The Pernik Festival known as the Surva Festival attracts dancers and performers from all over the country and continues over several days as ornately masked performers scare away evil spirits to welcome in the New Year.

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Checklist for Moving Abroad

checklist for moving abroad

A checklist for moving abroad could help you in your decision for relocating, and in addition prevent you from being a victim of the pitfalls.

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Private Dental Treatment in Bulgaria

private-dental-treatmentPrivate dental treatment in the UK borders on extortionate, and the NHS is reluctant to take on new dental patients due to the massive demand ... therefore, Bulgaria has become a goldmine for dentists. Seeking a reliable dentist in Bulgaria is just as important as finding a GP you trust.

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Name Day Celebrations

Join in the Festivities

One of the beauties about spending time in Bulgaria is that you get to make friends with the locals and share in their many name day celebrations. Many celebrations focus around people celebrating their name day.


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