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UK to Bulgaria and How to Decide

uk to bulgariaSo you've made the big decision to move from the UK to Bulgaria.  What should you now be thinking about and just how can you be as near to 100 percent sure that you are doing the right thing?

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Gypsies in Bulgaria - Past and Present

gypsies in bulgariaThere are gypsies in Bulgaria just as there are in several parts of the world and Europe has the largest population. Here we give an insight into the minority population of gypsies in Bulgaria.

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Life in Bulgaria and What is it Like?

Life in Bulgarilife in bulgariaa has been covered here in many articles during the past, but for many expats living here, there will obviously be several differences of opinion as to how they now perceive a country which has been changed from the communism years to what is becoming a modern and fast growing westernised member of the European Union. Most cities now have state of the art shopping malls, supermarkets which are comparable with what most of us are accustomed to, and luxury style restaurants serving both local and international cuisine.

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About Bulgaria - The Culture, Language and People

bachlovskimonasteryWhere is Bulgaria and what language do they speak? Here we run a series of articles about Bulgaria and take a brief look at the Bulgarian language, population, history and more.


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Reliable Internet - Bulgarian Services

a little knowledge is a dangerous thingToday with just a couple of clicks at your keyboard you can be taken anywhere through the internet. Great - or is it? How do you know if the pages you land on offer you good advice or not? When searching for property in Bulgaria, services or information you are wanting reliable answers for your own questions which you have.

Buying and owing a Bulgarian property, living in Bulgaria, how to do things... all this can be tricky.

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Planning and Packing Your Possessions

bubblewrapIt is important that prior moving to Bulgaria you do not leave your packing and organising until the last minute. Moving around your possessions is a tricky business and certainly will not happen overnight. Therefore, it is crucial indeed that if you are having trouble handling it all, you should call in a professional expert to help out.

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Bulgarian Folk Music

bulgarian folk singerFolk music is part of a tradition, which encompasses the whole of the Balkan area. Such music has its own distinctive sound with the key distinguishing feature being the complexity of its rhythms in comparison to Western music. Each region of Bulgaria has its own distinct sound – to the untrained Western ear it may often sound like a musical belly-ache. However, Bulgarian folk has achieved worldwide acclaim and is even transmitted into space. There are over 70,000 folk songs in Bulgaria and dances to accompany them. Today, folk music is as popular as pop with many folklore ensembles, folk dance groups and folk orchestras playing across the country.

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Summer Cost of Living

peachmarketVisiting a Bulgarian market during the summer offers you the opportunity to select wonderful fresh fruit and vegetables from a superb display of seasonal produce. The busy stalls are all well stocked, and the wonderful aroma of fresh food is hard to resist as you browse and decide what you are going to buy. It almost encourages you to go on a diet and live healthy with the quality of the food on sale in the summer sun.

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Business In Bulgaria

businessmeetingIf you are considering doing business in Bulgaria - buying a property, opening up a B and B or a bar, running an export company etc., - then you need to understand some of the business culture in the country. Bulgarians prefer to do business with people face to face. Doing all your business via emails will not work.


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Moving Abroad - Taking the Plunge

moving abroadIt's a fact that 1 in 3 people at some time in their lives will consider uprooting and moving abroad.

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